ICNL has provided technical assistance to OSCE in activities related to campaign supported by 
OSCE against draft NGOs law in Kazakhstan in its wording proposed by the Government.  
ICNL has provided technical assistance and monitoring to the Central Asian Institute for 
Development (CAID) on issues related to the development of social procurement legislation in 
ICNL has provided technical assistance to Platform Initiative Group, informal association of 
NGOs engaged in a campaign against the draft NGO law, in the form of comments to draft law on 
NGOs and by participating in the Round Table conducted by the Platform in the Parliament where 
ICNL representative presented analysis of major problems in financial relations between the Sate 
and NGOs in Kazakhstan.  
ICNL has provided technical assistance to NDI (National Democratic Institute) in the form of 
half a day training session for twenty (20) members and activists of the Youth Information 
Service of Kazakhstan.  ICNL supported their preparation for their advocacy activities in the 
Parliament by educating them about the draft NGO law and about alternative good practices.  
ICNL assisted the National Democratic Institute (the organizer) with aiding in preparatory role 
plays to further train these young advocates to interact with deputies of the Parliament.  
ICNL provided technical assistance to leading HR NGOs in their efforts to bring to attention of 
the President that the draft law on NGOs prepared by the Government has anti NGO nature and 
shall not be adopted. ICNL assistance was provided in the form of comments on the draft NGO 
law as well as legal analysis of major problems to be resolved in the legislation of Kazakhstan to 
facilitate growth of the third sector. Mr. Ovcharenko, ICNL Legal Consultant, presented these 
problems at the Press Conference organized by OSCE and HR NGO leaders.  
Valentina Sivrukova, President of NGO umbrella organization    Confederation of Non Governmental 
Organizations of Kazakhstan (KNOK); Mancia Kainazarova, Chairperson of the Central Asian 
Institute For Development (CAID) governing board; Zhanna Nauryzbaeva, Executive Director, 
CAID; Sholpan Baibolova, CAID governing board member, Vice President of the Central Asian 
Foundation for Systemic Research; Natalia Yantsen, President, Tax Standards Formation Foundation; 
Kuralai Karakulova, ANNOK (Association of Non Governmental Non Commercial Organizations of 
Kazakhstan); Aybek Dumbayev, Director, the Association of the Invalids Organizations "Zhan"; 
Kayrat Imanalieyv, Chair, Center of handicapped people having higher education  Namys ; 
Amanbike Yergaliyeva, Chair, Center of support of hearing disabled people  Umit ; Andrey 
Andreyev, CEO, the NGO "Legal Initiative ; Gulmira Jamanova, Chair, CASDIN; Inessa Franz, 
Director, Institute for Development Cooperation; Irina Savostina, Chair "Pokoleniye  Pensioners 
NGO; Roman Podoprigora, Aleksey Zakharov and Alevtina Kuziarina    Adilet  Higher School of 
Law; Gulsum Kakimzhanova, Chief Executive Officer   NGO  IRIS ; Galia Omarova, Executive 
Board Chair, ASTRA (The Agency of Social Technologies and Development); Dmitry Dey, 
President, Association of NGOs of Kostanay Region of Kazakhstan; Sergey Zlotnikov, CEO of 
Interlegal and Transparency Kazakhstan; Ninel Fokina, Chairperson of Almaty Helsinki Committee; 
Evgeniy Zhovtis, CEO of Kazakhstan Bureau for Human Rights; Saken Sabitov, President of 
Kazakhstan Association of Young Lawyers; Peter An, Executive Director of the Union of German 
Youth in Kazakhstan; Sergey Guliayev, Executive Director, Decenta Public Foundation (Pavlodar); 
Svetlana Savchenko, President, Consumers' Rights Protection League, Yuriy Zaytsev, Executive 
Director, Feminist League.   
Government Officials and Deputies of the Parliament 
Sergey Zhalybin, Deputy of Mazhilis, Chairman of Committee on Legislation and Justice Legal 
Reform; Irak K. Elekeev, Head of the Mazhilis Office; Beybit Zhusupov, Deputy Head of Senate 
Office; Tulebek K. Kosmambetmov, Deputy of Mazhilis; Karasay Turysov, Chairman of Committee 
on Finances and Budget of the Mazhilis; Victor Nikolaevich Vesnin, the Deputy of Mazhilis, Deputy 
Chairman of Committee on Finances and Budget; Musiraly S. Utebayev, the Senator, Chairman of 
Committee on Economy, Finances and Budget of the Senate; Valerian Zemlianov, Deputy of the 



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