Dushanbe Social Partnership Conference 
On May 27, 2003 Social Partnership Conference took place  with the participation of NGOs, local 
community representatives, local government officials, INGOs, USAID, and business structures (500 
representatives). Participants discussed challenges and opportunities of establishing and operating in 
social partnerships. The main moderator was Mayor Chairman of the Upper Chamber of the 
Parliament Mr. Ubaidulloev.  ICNL's Legal Consultant gave a speech on legal issues of social 
partnership and presented the draft agreement between local government, NGOs, and business 
structures.  In follow up, on May 31, 2003 Ms. Khaidarova organized and participated at the NGO 
 Society and Law  seminar on social partnership and citizens' rights for local government officials 
and NGOs in Khujand. 
Technical Assistance with Social Partnership Agreement 
At the request of the Dushanbe Civil Society Support Center (DCSSC) and Counterpart Consortium, 
ICNL prepared the draft Agreement on Social Partnership between the Dushanbe municipal 
government and NGOs (DCSSC, NGO  Society and Law , the Center for Supporting, and 
Development of Small Business). Muatar Khaidarova, ICNL's Legal Consultant and Chairperson of 
NGO  Society and Law,  worked together with Dushanbe Vice Mayor Tohir Mirzoev and Tajik 
Vice Minister of Justice Rustam Mengliev to finalize the draft of the Agreement on Social Economic 
Partnership between the Dushanbe municipal government and NGOs.  This is only the second 
agreement of its kind. The first agreement resulted in the Public Council (the National created in 1997 
that played a role in re establishing peace in Tajikistan.  This agreement will provide more 
opportunities for cooperation and partnership between the municipal government, local NGOs, and 
Cross border Linkages Created 
ICNL assisted Ministry of Justice officials with finding resources to travel to Almaty and Bishkek in 
an effort to promote an exchange of information and experience in the implementation of laws on 
registration of the legal entities (such as NGOs) between the Ministries of Justice of Kazakhstan, 
Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.  The two officials supported by Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and 
UNHCR were Ms. Tagaeva Sumangul  chief of the Department on NGO Registration and Ms. Elena 
Ishankulova from the Department on the Drafting of Laws. 
Workshop on Legal Aid Legislation Strategy and Programs 
On April 9 12, 2003, ICNL participated at the workshop organized by the Danish Ministry of Foreign 
Affairs and IOM on perspectives of cooperation in Central Asia. Ms. Khaidarova was a facilitator for 
a session on the theme of Legal Aid Legislation strategy and programs in Central Asia. 
Legal Consultations to local and international NGOs 
ICNL provided 28 consultations to 20 local and international NGOs.  Issues ranged form registration, 
re registration, labor issues, and taxation, to the discussion of the defense of three NGOs in 
proceedings initiated by the City Prosecutor for non payment of taxes.  
Brochure on  The rules on how to apply to different government structures  (2 pages), published 
with UNHCR support. 
Copies of the new  Law on State Registration of Legal Entities  in Russian and Tajik languages. 
One thousand (1000) copies will be made available to NGOs.  The publication is a Ministry of 
Justice, USAID, ICNL, NGO  Society and Law  publication. 



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