Technical Assistance to the Working Group for Modernization of Election Legislation 
One of the initiators of amendments to the Election Code, Deputy Kadyrbekov, applied to ICNL to 
provide technical assistance as it pertains to the rights of civil society actors such as formal legal 
organizations in the election process. ICNL prepared an overview of NGO involvement in the election 
process under the current Kyrgyz legislation. 
Consultation for US Ambassador 
In April, Yuri Khvan, ICNL Legal Consultant and Brian Kemple, ARD/CHECCHI, Chief of the 
Party, met with the US Ambassador, John O'Keefe, who wanted to learn about Constitutional Reform 
and harmonization all legislation in accordance with Constitutional reform in the form of different 
codes. He had some specific questions regarding the drafting process and wanted to know about 
potential chances for certain negative provisions to be re introduced again at some point in the 
legislative process.  He was apprised of ICNL's and ARD/CHECCHI's activities in this field and he 
expressed an interest in being kept informed of the latest news on bill's passing process. 
Public Hearing  Developing of Mass Media Legislation  
On June 11 upon special request of the Parliamentary Committee, ICNL participated in the public 
hearing  Developing of Mass media legislation . 
Legal Consultations Provided 
ICNL provided fifteen consultations to local NGOs and international organizations. These 
consultations included consultations on tax, registration, and labor law issues. 
Technical Assistance on Implementation of the Law on State Registration of Legal Entities 
The main problem of NGOs throughout Tajikistan remains the lack of adequate information about 
new laws. On June 6, 2003, in Dushanbe ICNL together with AED conducted a seminar on 
 Implementation of the New Law on State Registration of Legal Entities.  ICNL Central Asia 
Program Director, Mr. Kevin Borrup, presented information on registration of NGOs in CIS countries 
as compared to the new law. The main trainer  Mr. Abdulloev Rasul  a member of the draft law 
working group explained the new definitions and procedures on registration.  The other trainer Mr. 
Davlatkadamov Hushbaht presented on NGO rights in registration. Then, in small working groups, 
participants discussed with trainers the law article by article and defined the differences in the 
registration of different legal forms and the difficulties associated with this law and possible solutions.  
ICNL Legal Consultant, Muatar Khaidarova, conducted additional trainings on this issue in: Kurgan 
tube on June 9, 2003; Khujand on June 11, 2003; and, Kuliab on June 24, 2003. At each seminar there 
were approximately twenty five (25) participants representing and NGOs and other local civil society 
actors.  In total more than one hundred people benefited from this series of seminars. 
Draft Law  On Non commercial Organizations  Under Discussion 
The draft of the Law  On Non commercial Organizations  is currently under discussion in the 
Government Legal Department.  This law would allow, in practice, the establishment of NGOs in 
different organizational forms.  The Lower Chamber of Parliament is scheduled to consider this draft 
law at the end of 2003. 
Seminar  The Legal Aspects of the Social Partnership: International and National Standards  
On June 7, 2003  at the seminar  Legal Aspects of the Social Partnership: International and National 
Standards,  ICNL Program Director for Central Asia, Mr. Borrup, introduced participants to the legal 
aspects of the social partnership in USA and other countries.   Muatar Khaidarova and Khurshed 
Nasirov (a member of the NGO  Society and Law ) presented the legal situation on social partnership 
in Tajikistan.  Participants reviewed the Tajik legislation governing these partnerships. Participants 
also discussed in the small groups the problems and perspectives of social partnership in Tajikistan 
and its legal basis. 



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