The Peace Corps is implementing an educational program funded by Kettering Foundation to 
promote national dialogue on the most acute problems of Tajik society. In the roundtable 
discussions, staff shared experiences and the results on the 25 dialogues conducted all over the 
May 12 the Country Advisor met with USAID and AED representatives on social partnership 
conference issues. We have discussed budget, contributions and program issues.  It's been 
decided to meet with Khukumat key authorities to agree on the agenda and follow the program. 
As the result of the repeated meetings with Gov. Officials we managed to keep discussions in the 
framework of the social partnership topic. 
May 26 the Country Advisor met with OSI/Washington Office representatives. They were 
interested to get information about donor organizations to support the Network of 
Entrepreneurship Support Centers.  
June 25 27 met with the Director of the Regional Office Jay Cooper and Arlene Lear, Counterpart 
International, Washington Office. The goal of their visit was to meet with staff, finalize budgets 
and action plans for the next three months, management issues, and registration issues. Some 
decisions were taken regarding registration issue. Andrea Burnisske has been designated Acting 
Country Representative of Counterpart International. Zaro Kourbanbekova has been designated 
WBI funded CEN Project Coordinator. 
The Norwegian Refugee Council, in partnership with the Public Council in Tajikistan, organized 
a discussion session of Social Partnership on the issue of  The role of NGOs in Poverty Reduction 
in Tajikistan  on June1.  
June 24 the Country Director met with USAID representative Abdurakhim Muhidov regarding the 
Press Conference on the results and achievements of phase III Counterpart program.  
As a follow up of the meeting with the representative of IFES, the Director prepared information 
about the capacity of CSSCs, their field of activities and successes achieved. This information 
was required to learn more about the network and consider their involvement as IFES partners. 
June 25 the Counterpart Office received International Agencies implementing USAID funded 
projects. The main topic for discussion was the Referendum held on June 22. Organizations like 
NDI, Urban Institute, Counterpart and others shared their opinion on the process of the 
Counterpart Tajikistan was offered by World Bank Institution to lead activities under the short 
term project  Community Enhancement Needs Assessment . Our staff provided assistance in 
selection of researchers group, conducting interviews, developing list of the participants from 
different sectors for Stakeholders Workshop and provision of logistic services to WBI in 
organization of the workshop. Shoira Zukhurova, Training Coordinator was selected a focal point 
to coordinate the work of the researchers within two months. 
The meeting with Regional Development Director Jean MacKenzie and Turkmenistan IREX's 
Country Director Bakhar Ataeva held on May 12. The goals of IREX in Central Asia and 
Counterpart's experience on civil society development through CSSCs discussed. The issue of 
future cooperation within a new project on regional network development was touched upon. The 
issue of NGOs organizational development level (registration, financial sustainability, external 
relations) and major areas of their work discussed.  
Counterpart participates on a regular monthly USAID partners meeting. 
In the framework of cooperation between Counterpart Uzbekistan and CHF, training support 
assistance was continued. 



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