The project #99/0439 with EC funding, aimed at strengthening the ability of local communities to 
advocate on behalf of their citizenry and ensuring their participation in decision making process, 
is progressing well. The sixth volume of the bulletin Jamaat Demilgesi (Community Initiative) 
was prepared, published and distributed among 11 CSSCs. A manual with instructions for using 
Impact Evaluation methodology was designed by the project team and distributed among the 
CSSCs. During the reporting period, the CSSCs conducted evaluation according to the impact 
evaluation methodology in seven target communities. A training workshop on Community 
Foundations has been discussed with AED. The Project Manager visited Germany to discuss with 
Counterpart Deutschland issues, progress, next steps, upcoming consultancies, the project web 
site, and the Leadership training scheduled for July and European study tour in September. 
The UNHCR funded project 03/AB/KGZ/LS/470 to provide support to refugee organizations 
progressed as planned. Project highlights to date include:  
252 adult refugees of the category #1 have been granted the citizenship of Kyrgyzstan in 
228 refugees received certificates on non belonging to the citizenship of Tajikistan, of which 
150 refugees submitted their cases to the passport offices. 
The information on refugees who lost passports were collected and analyzed, and a summary 
table on them was sent to UNHCR. 
The citizenship contracts with NGOs Adab (Sokuluk Rayon), Chuy Murgab (Jayl Rayon), 
Sozvezdie (Panfilov Rayon), Booruker Urmat (Bishkek), Yrys Kenchi (Chuy Rayon) and 
Miloserdie Yntymak (Alamedin Rayon) on providing financial support to maintain citizenship 
activities were signed and first installments were made. 
April 4 a Program Coordination meeting took place with participation of the managers from 
different Counterpart Programs. This activity was initiated by Country Advisor and proved to be 
useful as there was need to coordinate the work, update approaches and integrate some activities.  
April 6 Counterpart Tajikistan hosted a meeting of WBI representatives with the members of 
Steering Committee. The deputy director updated participants on CEN activities. Steering group 
members presented their activities on community driven development. WBI staff was keen to 
learn more about capacity building interventions for communities, their needs and different 
approaches for community driven development. They have presented the concept of CENA 
(Community Enhancement Needs Assessment) and requested Counterpart disseminate terms of 
reference among interested organizations. Counterpart has been considered as one of the potential 
partners for CENA activities 
April 7 there was a meeting with WB Washington representatives to discuss IT communication 
facilities for CSSCs. The Country Advisor and Country Director provided sufficient information 
about available possibilities and needs of CSSCs. WB representatives were interested to get 
information in order to include Tajikistan in the project they are planning to develop and suggest 
CT as a partner. 
April 15 the Country Advisor met with the Chief of the NRC of Tajikistan and Representative of 
NRC headquarters. The goal of the meeting was coordination of the activities about NGO 
development in Tajikistan. NRC representatives questioned the Country Director as an 
organization dealing with NGO development. We discussed the prospective possibility of 
engaging CSSCs in the activities of NRC and expanding training and micro credit programming. 
April 19 met with the Chief of IOM to provide information about the CSSCs, their services and 
capacity. I have provided appropriate information enhancing it with examples on the 
achievements. The CSSC network will be enabled to partner to IOM to provide training technical 
assistance and consulting/information for NGOs in the framework of People's Traffic Issue 
April 23 the Country Advisor and Country Director attended USAID's Coordination meeting, 
which was held for the first time with the USAID funded implementing agencies to update on the 
activities. We made a presentation of activities, including network expansion, registration of 
Hamkori, Social partnership impacts, CO success stories, WBI projects,  



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