On April 10 the Community Outreach Coordinator participated in a videoconference organized by 
the Almaty regional office of the World Bank. The meeting sought to exchange expertise in 
assessment of innovative projects. He subsequently participated in the World Bank's Grant 
Committee meeting on April 15 to examine semi final proposals for innovative projects. Based on 
his solid input at this country level meeting, he was invited by the World Bank to participate in 
the Regional Grant Committee Meeting held in Bishkek from May 20 23. 25 of 50 projects 
proposed by Central Asian NGOs were granted with financial support from the World Bank. In 
addition to the committee meeting, the Community Outreach Coordinator participated in the 
conference Country Innovation Day and workshop Approaches to Community Development. 
The Community Outreach Coordinator served as a respondent during the interview process for the 
organizational assessment conducted by Alexey Kuz'min from the CSSC ECOCENTER. 
Eric Boyle, Country Advisor of the Urban Institute and the Country Director discussed their 
respective programs.  
Working with Counterpart Washington, program staff and Zhalghas Counterpart developed the 
project proposals Managing Ethnic Diversity in Kazakhstan and submitted it to the State 
The Country Director met with the AED Deputy Regional Director, Mr. Dennis Lee and Country 
Director, Ms. Dinara Adil, to discuss changes in the AED training program, including new 
requirements and criteria, and recommend a list of suggested trainings for the next year.  
On May 16 the Senior Program Officer participated in the grant committee meeting of the Urban 
Institute (UI). There were six themes/components covered by the UI/Almaty Grants Program: 1) 
media competition; 2) local partnership projects; 3) public policy development; 4) evaluation of 
community based economic development councils; 5) new training modules development by 
Regional Training Centers; and 6) best practices by Consumers Cooperatives. 
In the end of May, the Senior Program Officer participated in meetings between the US 
Ambassador Larry Napper and local NGOs to discuss human rights.  
On May 30 the Community Outreach Coordinator met with Ms. Jamankulova of INTRAC to 
discuss the potential for partnership and collaboration for community development and its 
On May 27 the Senior Program Officer met with representatives and volunteers of the US Peace 
Corps and presented Counterpart's new program on Civil Society Support Initiative in Central 
Asia. On May 30, the Senior Program Officer met with Nikolai Slabzhanin, Coordinator of UN 
Volunteers to discuss cooperation with their regional centers and the status of volunteerism in 
From June 2 6 the Country Director visited Atyrau to collect data about local NGOs and their 
activities and assess the potential for opening a new CSSC in or near Atyrau.  
On June 3, the Project/Report Designer participated in Eurasia Foundation's Ten Years 
Anniversary Conference Central Asia & Civil Society, 1993   2003: A Cross Roots Perspectives. 
On June 6 the OD Coordinator and Zhalghas Director participated in a donor roundtable on Social 
Partnership organized by INTRAC. Among the participants were also representatives of the 
Support Centers of Oskemen and Qostanai.  
The Country Director traveled to Aqtobe and met with 15 local NGOs and CBOs to discuss the 
CSSC's role in civil society development in the region.  
The Country Director met with representatives of the University of Michigan to develop 
implementation plans for their joint project.  
The Country Director attended a roundtable organized by the UN Drug & Crime Control office 
and Almaty City Akimat and presented Counterpart's new program for the support of healthy 
On June 16, the Community Outreach Coordinator participated in a meeting of NGOs organized 
by the Volunteer House of Soros Foundation and the UN Volunteer Service to develop an action 
plan on Volunteerism Development. This action plan will be discussed further at the Civil Forum 
of Kazakhstan to be held in September 2003. 



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