The Program staff held a number of meetings to design monthly and quarterly Action Plans as 
well as to discuss new proposals on Social Fairs and NGO Capacity building,  Country Profile 
development, and coordination and logistics issues for the Partners' meeting of June 18 20.  
On April 2, the OD Coordinator participated in the Opening Ceremonies for a new procedure 
room, organized by the Focus NGO Diabetic Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  
The Program staff spearheaded an advocacy campaign to prevent adoption of the unfavorable Law 
On NGO by the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Key activities included:  
A roundtable discussion on May 6, organized by National Democratic Institute, to design 
joint programs for the advocacy campaigns to adjust the laws on Non Governmental 
Organizations and State Social Delivery. As a result, the Counterpart led Joint Platform of 
Civil Society Organization remains the only body to advocate on behalf of the non profit 
sector in Kazakhstan. Prior to the roundtable, the Country Director met with Julia Cohen of 
NDI to discuss roles and responsibilities of Counterpart, NDI and other players. 
A roundtable discussion on May 16, for Platform representatives to meet with state deputies 
and officials of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and 
Ministry of Culture, Information, and Public Accord to discuss the critical situation around 
the adoption of the Law regulating the NGO sector. Prior to the event, there were series of 
meetings with members of Parliament and officials from the Ministry of Culture, Information 
& Public Accord: Mr. Oleg Ryabchenko, Senior Vice Minister, and Mr. Sergei Gmyrya, the 
Specialist, who were informed of NGO opinion on the draft law and corresponding feedback. 
An advocacy session on May 19 led by the Platform's  initiative group for more than 40 
deputies of Mazhilis and the Senate of the Parliament. In addition, over 200 NGOs signed the 
Platform's  Statement that was presented to the Presidential Administration, Parliament and 
Councils of political parties of Kazakhstan.  
A press conference on May 20 in Astana and an informational briefing on May 26 in Almaty 
to publicize the results of the Platform's advocacy campaign. 
The Country Director and Zhalghas Director met with staff from the Central Asia Mountains 
Partnership (CAMP) to discuss the community outreach component. CAMP also shared 
information about their funding sources (SDC, Switzerland Agency), Mountain Communities 
Development program, training and technical assistance for communities, and a small grant 
The Zhalghas Director and Report/Project Designer met with officials from the Eurasia 
Foundation, OSCE, VSO and eco tourist organizations in April to discuss prospects for 
partnership in eco tourism development in Kazakhstan. The Report/Project Designer participated 
in the Eurasia Foundation seminar Eco Tourism Development in Kazakhstan (April 30).  
From April 4 10, the Grant Manager met with her Zdrav Plus colleague to conduct preliminary 
project selection for proposals submitted to the Grant Committee under the joint Healthy 
Communities  program. On May 7, USAID officials, and Grant Managers from Zdrav Plus and 
Counterpart Kazakhstan, and the Regional Healthy Communities Coordinator planned the awards 
ceremony for grantees. On May 12 the Grant Manager and a representative of Zdrav Plus 
developed technical assistance plans for the Program's grantees. On May 15 the Country Director, 
Grant Manager, senior officials from the US Embassy and USAID, and representatives of the 
media attended an awards ceremony held at the Kazakhstan Press Club to give grants to Healthy 
Communities grantees. 
The Country Director met with Mr. Kurmangazy Beg Ali, director of the TB Patients Association, 
to further develop their original submission to the 2002 World Bank contest. The World Bank 
officially invited and encouraged the Assoication to participate in their Marketplace Development 
program. Counterpart is an international partner of the Association for this $200,000 project that 
was refined and submitted in May 2003.  



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