Activity overview 
During the summer school examination period, Arzuw provided consultations to secondary 
school level teachers and pupils on different topics.  
Provided research materials to secondary school teachers through its searchable resource library. 
Internal Capacity Building   
Arzuw organized a fundraising activity to sell hand made goods and lottery tickets to earn money 
to repair the organization's technical equipment. 
Arzuw volunteers participated in summer camp for pupils at the schools. They organized different 
types of the activities, such knitting circles, arts and crafts, and field trips. 
Arzuw members and volunteers participated in the Counterpart trainings PCA/PRA, NGO and 
Community and Fundraising. 
11.  Medet, Turkmenabat City 
Activity overview 
Medet members and volunteers conducted activities dedicated to Mahtumkuly's Poetry Day and 
the Day of the Horse, where participants could learn about the history of Turkmen horses. 
Conducted an art competition for children under 12 years. 
Medet members and volunteers organized an arts competition refugee children to draw the best 
picture related to the Day of Ecology. 36 children submitted entries, the top five won prizes. 
Medet members, in partnership with UNHCR, marked the International Day of the Refugees with 
a celebration where refugees sang songs, read poems and shared stories in different languages. 
Internal Capacity Building   
Medet members participated in the AED training  Critical thinking  in Ashgabat. 
Medet members participated in the Counterpart trainings PCA/PRA, NGO and Community, 
Volunteer Management, and Social Partnership. 
Medet members participated in the training  Could we live together?  conducted by the local 
NGO Civil Dignity. 
In June a member of Medet  participated in the ACCELS  International Conference of the 
Teachers of English Language  in Turkestan city, Khazahstan. 
Ten teacher members participated in the  Interactive Methods of Teaching Languages  training 
conducted by the training center  Bilgirje  in Ashgabat city.  
12.  Amul, Turkmenabat City 
Activity overview 
Amul members produced the film Bilimli Nesil for and in partnership with the Department of 
Education of velayat, dedicated to the 10
 anniversary of the President's Policy on Education.  
Amul members conducted meeting for the pupils of secondary school #6 on  The image of 
Mahtumkuly in the Art of Turkmenistan.  
Amul members conducted consultations for the pupils of secondary school #18 seeking admission 
into the Institute of Art in Ashgabat 
Amul members and volunteers began to create a web site for citizens of Turkmenabat city, where 
there will be the views of the city, city news, etc. 
Amul members negotiated with local authorities to organize an art exhibition.  
Internal Capacity Building   
In June members collected information to develop a training module on producing films, 
additionally they wrote a script for the film to be used as the training aid.  
Members designed and sold 15 stands for secondary schools labeled  The best student  and  The 
President's Desk . The revenue earned was used for internal needs of the NGO.  
13.  Sarygamysh (former WUA), Turkmenbashi etrap, Dashoguz  
Activity overview 
Provided potable water to 13,000 community members.  
Met with representatives from the Embassy of Great Britain to replicate the NGO's activities. 



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