Participated in an OSCE meeting on issue cooperation among public organizations. 
6.  Family, Mercy and Health 
Activity overview 
Conducted regular trainings for youth groups on health, sports and sewing shop training. 
Conducted several sporting events for youth and children from vulnerable families.  
Created and conducted vocational English and computer courses for children from poor and 
vulnerable families.  
Provided legal advice to pensioners and young families in crisis. 
Organized a summer camp for children from poor and vulnerable families. 
Internal Capacity Building  
Conducted PCA exercises in school #1  to assist initiative groups leaving their communities.  
Several members of the organization participated in regular Counterpart trainings. 
7.  Keyik Okara 
Activity overview 
Conducted trainings on medical issues for refugees in Babdurmaz village. 
Provided consultations to women refugees on questions of health. 
Conducted computer skills training and received regular patient visits in the office. 
Internal Capacity Building  
The German Embassy approved the NGO's project to lay canal piping in Baba Durmaz.  
Members of the organization participated in the regional training on Community Network 
Development held in Almaty June 27 30. 
8.  Ecological School of Farmers 
Activity overview 
Provided ongoing consultations and recommendations for protecting plants from wreckers to 
farmers from Geokdepe, Gyavers, and Bayram Ali etraps. 
Organized a meeting with the head of the House of Health in Farmer's Association to discuss 
issues related to joint performance and information sharing on preventive drug addiction among 
rural youth within the project  Health Community .  
/PRA exercises in the community of the Farmer's Association  "Bugdayly" from 
Gyavers etrap as part of the  Health Community  program.  
Internal Capacity Building  
The World Bank funded the organization's project  The Time is Ripe to build Farmer's 
Knowledge.  Start up issues were discussed at meetings with the farmers of Geokdepe etrap and 
with representatives of the local Farmer's Association Yangala. 
Met with members of the initative group Altyn cheshme to discuss partnership issues for working 
in the community of the Farmer's Association S.Niyazova, Gyavers etrap.   
Two members increased their training skills by conducting seminars for Counterpart.  
9.  Social Adaptation Center Umyt in Turkmenbashi city, Balkan 
Activity overview 
Received from CHAP and distributed to members humanitarian assistance, mostly clothing.  
Umyt  members participated in table tennis, chess, and football competitions among Balkan 
velayat invalids. 
Umyt members participated in the best picture competition among children of Turkmenbashy city.  
Internal Capacity Building   
Umyt  members participated in Counterapart trainings and a roundtable discussion hosted at the 
Resource Center in Turkmenbashy city. 
A volunteer participated in the Counterpart/AED sponsored Volunteers Forum in May. 
10.  Arzuw, Seydi City, Lebap 



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