2.  Junior Achievement Economic Education and Young Entrepreneurs Center 
Activity overview 
Two trainers conducted a one day seminar on technology of critical thinking for NGOs and 
teachers in partnership with Uzbek trainers from AED, Ednet and DIKS.  
Senior managers went to Almaty for a working group meeting with the CIS Regional Director for 
Junior Achievement to develop the JA program in Turkmenistan.  
Internal Capacity Building  
Two members of the organization completed the one year program "Study for Trainers", 
organized by National Advice on Economic Education of USA. 
The Center received support from Regional JA office in Almaty through educational 
methodology literature (500 complete sets comprised of the methodology manuals for teachers 
and a textbook). 
3.  My Right 
Activity overview 
Conducted three seminars for the UNHCR project for refugees. 
Conducted two seminars on consumers rights for Ashgabat residents. The seminars were 
supported by the Auto Transportation Department of city. 
Two newsletters were published and distributed. 
Brochures were published in Persian on women's rights and questions of domestic violence. 
Internal Capacity Building  
Participated in UNHCR seminars. 
Participated at the Association of Lawyers roundtable to discuss taxation issues.  
Participated in the Arkadag roundtable on issues of drug prevention. Participants included 
representatives of various state structures, international organizations, and public organizations. 
4.  Union of Pensioners Arma 
Activity overview 
Each Sunday the Union hosted meetings with members (20 25 people each session) for experts to 
provide consultations on medical, legal, and pension legislation issues.  
Information regarding legal and medical issues was regularly updated and distributed to members. 
The project  Laundry  is being successfully implemented and the number of served members has 
Internal Capacity Building  
One and two days seminars on "Basic of marketing  and "Basic computer's knowledge" were 
conducted for members. 
The NGO facilitated meetings in connection with the program "The International visitor" for 
NGOs to learn about US study tours. 
Organized a visit to the National Museum for members. 
5.  Shamchyrag Tukmen Association of Journalists on Social Partnership 
Activity overview 
Organized the roundtable on "Social partnership in operation: experience and prospects" with 
participation from government, international organizations and public organizations. 
Conducted a seminar on "Journalistic skill" at the summer school of journalism as a follow on to a  
similar meeting in Kyrgyzstan. 
The NGO facilitated meetings in connection with the program "The International Visitor" for 
NGOs to learn about US study tours. 
Internal Capacity Building  
The Association won a World Bank innovation grant for the project "Knowledge force. Remote 
area" to develop a network in etraps. 
Participated in the Second Forum of Eurasian media for journalists and other media personnel. 
Several members took part in the Arkadag roundtable on AIDS prevention.  



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