The following trainings were conducted in the penal colony for children under the project 
"Children in prison": "Children s right", "Healthy way of living", and "Drug addict and HIV 
prevention" among children. 
8.  Development Fund 
Under a grant from Mercy Corps, Development Fund continues implementation of micro credit 
program in Ghonchi, Gafurov, Rasulov, Nay and Khujand Districts. 
Under "Agrarian Farmers Right Protection" project/ACT Central Asia the Development Fund 
conducted 2 round tables on identifying problems of agrarian and registration of farmers and their 
40 trainers and consultant of Khujand and Kurgan   Teppa Areas were trained on "Legislation for 
farmers and agrarian farmers right protection" and creation of farms and their association and 
9.  NGO Yovar 
The NGO Evar opened computer center and provide the following services to the communities: 
Computer courses. More then 250 youth was trained in computer courses; English and Russian 
courses; Computer services; and Computer games. 
10.  NGO Vahdat  
The NGO Vahdat developed a two year plan on entrepreneurship development. The Community 
Initiative Support Center was created to promote entrepreneurship and small business 
development. The project proposal on poverty reduction was developed and submitted to the US 
Democratic Fund and it is under consideration now. 
15 additional women from their target communities were trained on and received small credit 
($200) to create small shops. 
The leader on NGO Vahdat participated in course on poverty reduction in Bishkek with further 
presentation of the received information to NGO target communities. On the meeting was decided 
to involve youth of the target communities in entrepreneurship and small business development 
promotion. The project proposal on conducting entrepreneurship and small business development 
training to youth was developed and submitted to Soros Foundation.  
NGO Vahdat members together with volunteers and communities' members of Paschid, Dasht, 
and Potzrosh participated in reconstruction of irrigation channels.  
11.  NGO Madad 
NGO Madad is implementing a project on  Promoting Legal Education" supported by Swiss 
Agency Corporation. It was conducted a number of training on  Women, Society, and legislation  
in Khorog and remote communities of Shugnan, Poshtkala, and Ishkashim districts. More then 
100 women were trained.  
The NGO Madad provides consultations, technical assistance and information to Michurin, 
Shohdasht/Khorog, Khabost/Roshtkala district communities. 
NGO Madad assisted to the following communities in project development and submitted to Aga 
Khan Foundation: Community Khabost runs a pipe of 1.5 km under to supply water; and 
Community Shohdasht will start two projects implementation as soon as they get the row 
material: one is home canning and another on beekeeping. 
12.  NGO Nilufar 
As it was mentioned in the previous reports the NGO Nilufar created a community development 
center. Members of 4 communities after trainings and consultations developed and successfully 
implemented the following projects. 
Luliho community (Gypsies) successfully implemented a project "Water is life spring". The 
community was provided with safe to drink water. Another community project "Electric power 
for Gypsies" was supported as well.  



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