2.  NGO Sudmand 
Sudmand continues project implementation of the Eurasia funded Young Leaders School. 
The members of the organization participated in the following trainings: Membership 
Development, Human resource management, Public relation through Mass media, Association 
Development, and Financial management. 
3.  NGO Anis 
NGO Anis was selected as a partner organization to distribute the humanitarian aid. 
The members of the Anis  participated in the following trainings: Membership Development, 
Human Resource Management, Public Relations through Mass media, Association Development, 
and Financial Management. 
4.  NGO Hamroz 
NGO Hamroz continues implementation of the project on gender issue supported by Care 
Women Associations representatives visited NGO Hamroz with purpose of experience exchange. 
The Hamroz members provide a variety of information on NGO activities. 
5.  Chashma Women Center 
The Women's Center Chashma  completed survey on identifying poorest communities in 
Qumsangir, Beshkent, Shahritus, and Kabodion Districts of Khatlon Oblast under National Social 
Investment Fund of Tajikistan (NSIFT) program.  
The leader of the center was selected as a member of the bidding committee of RRDP. 
The Center had initiated development of a project proposal on Medical Station construction for 
community Chorbog. This proposal was supported by Health Community program.  
The Women Center Chashma made amendments in their charter and reregistered in the Ministry 
of Justice as a public association Chashma. 
Chashma is implementing the following projects: Computer course for local self governance 
leaders supported by Mercy Corps; and Poverty Reduction project supported by UNHCR. 
6.  NGO Yosuman 
NGO Yosuman reconsidered the list of the Coordination Counsel members. They attracted the 
leaders of communities Tashabuskor, Kurama, and Umed. During the meeting they discussed 
urgent issues. As a result of the discussions 2 project proposals were developed and submitted to 
the Health Community Grant Program. 
NGO Yosuman established good working relationship with Economic Development Committee 
of Buston Jamoat. They are discussing to develop joint projects on solving social problems of 
Matchoh District. 
7.  NGO Saodat 
NGO Saodat continue implementing the project on improving rural children education supported 
by San Francisco Women s World Foundation. The training session was conducted on 
housekeeping, a healthy way of living, and children s right, supportive lessons on English, 
Russian, and Tajik. Also the partial renovation of the school was done. 
Wheat seeds were distributed among 100 women of Nov district. They get consultation on land 
The NGO Saodat implemented a project "Ozod" under support of the Canadian Embassy in 
Almaty. As it was mentioned in the previous reports the Children Center was established. 15 
children from 25 that were amnestied provided with job, and 10 of them are studying at the 
professional vocational school.  
Under the project Umed (Hope), supported by NOVIB/OXFAM Nederland, Saodat  continue 
conducting trainings for 25 rural children of Nov and Ghonchi districts from the age of 10 to 15.  



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