Internal Capacity Building 
TOFU created a working group, consisting of 7 people of the staff and the Board, to revise the 
TOFU charter.  During April May, the working group consulted with farmer's groups from 16 
villages to discuss the amendments and get their input. Based on the farmers' feedback, a decision 
was made to increase membership fees from 180 soms to 200 soms per year. Regulations on 
farmers unions in villages were finalized. 
Based on the decisions of the conference of May 31, four new members were accepted to the 
Board, which now has 11 members. 
3.  Bayastan, Naryn 
Activity Overview  
The Bayastan psychologist conducted courses in eight classrooms of two Naryn schools. The 
main themes covered by the psychologist include self esteem, psychological hurdles, and basic 
children's rights. 
Together with the Teachers Retraining Center, Bayastan conducted a roundtable on May 22, to 
discuss problems facing local schools and the inclusion of new subjects in curricula. The 
roundtable was attended by 22 teachers. 
The local authorities have been supportive of Bayastan's projects. Five schools in Naryn 
contracted with Bayastan and the branch office of Young Lawyers Association to deliver courses 
in legal issues and child rights to students. The classes strarted in April, 14 students of the Law 
Faculty of Naryn University have been involved in conducting classes. 
Internal Capacity Building 
Bayastan successfully developed its relations with the media, for example, during the quarter 
information about their activities was regularly broadcasted through the radio station Almaz.  
April 27 29 the members of the Board of Directors took part in the training on Strategic Planning 
and Financial Sustainability held in Issyk Kul. 
4.  Chintamani, Tash Komur Town, Jalalabad Oblast 
Activity Overview  
Two issues of the bulletins Voice of Nature and Eco plus were published (16 in total). The 
volunteers play a key role in collecting information for the bulletins and in disseminating them 
among local governments, NGOs and schools. 
The staff of the NGO conducted a series of trainings on advocacy for pensioners and sufferers of 
the Chernobyl accident. The training resulted in development of a statement to the Town 
Administration and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection on providing information services 
and medical services at reduced prices. 
Internal Capacity Building 
May 28 30 the members of the Board of Directors took part in the training on Strategic Planning 
and Financial Sustainability held in Jalalabad. 
The last OD assessment indicated that Chintamani has been successful in attracting volunteers  
currently it has about 30 volunteers who take an active part in the organization's activities, such as 
collecting materials for the newsletter and raising public awareness of environmental issues. 
Tajikistan (Target NGO) 
1.  NGO Umed 
Continued implementation of the micro credit program Supporting Entrepreneurs Families 
Continued implementation of the project on "Creating a Journalist Club" in Kulob funded by 
Gender and Development
 Journalists conduct press club monthly. 



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