The seminar Organization & Action of School Councils was conducted for deputy directors on 
education in schools and colleges. 
By invitation of the Institute of Educational Matters under the Kazakh Academy of Education, the 
head of YLA took part in the International seminar on training leaders of youth camps Integration 
Through Created Tolerance held in Narva (Estonia) in May.  
The head of YLA participated in the grant committee review of projects submitted to UI. 
The head of YLA participated in the Central Asian forum on education held in Bishkek in May 
and presented YLA's Global Education program activities.  
Internal Capacity Building 
The organization focused on strengthening its branches, extending staff and recruiting volunteers. 
As such, a number of trainings, consultations and program and informational supports were 
provided in the regional branches. 
YLA promoted its activity by delivering seminars on new methods for youth outreach and 
organization of UN & school council clubs for representatives of Departments of Education and 
Institutes of Qualification Improvement.   
The Taraz branch implemented a project to create groups of eco leaders among students in 
Zhambyl Oblast.   
A number of seminars on program and planning issues were conducted for YLA trainers in 
Almaty on May 18 and 26. 
By invitation of Ministry of Culture, Information & Public Accord, in April YLA trainers 
conducted trainings for young soldiers of Almaty.   
Kyrgyzstan (Focus NGO) 
1.  Bishkek Center For Social Initiatives (BCSI), Bishkek 
Activity Overview  
BCSI conducted a roundtable on the issues of internal migration on June 19, attended by 42 
people, representing National Statistical Committee, City Administration, Regional Center on 
Migration, NGOs and internal migrants. They shared views on a bill on internal migration, 
procedures of ownership registration, strengthening a role of self governing bodies in improving 
life conditions of internal migrants in new residential areas of Bishkek. 
BCSI conducted a series of seminars Developing Civic Dialogue in New Residential Areas is A 
Way to Involve Internal migrant in Protecting Their Rights on June 5 11. 
BCSI organized a press conference in the office of State News Agency Kabar, devoted to the 
specific issues of internal migration, for example low quality facilities in new residential areas, 
and BCSI activities to address them. 
Internal Capacity Building 
The BSCI Director participated in the international seminar Integration Through Created 
Tolerance held in Narva (Estonia) in May 25 30. The seminar sought to build the skills of 
participants to cultivate tolerance among youth. 
On April 25 28, a member of the Board of Directors took part in the training on Strategic 
Planning and Financial Sustainability, held in Issyk Kul.  
BCSI has been successful in raising funds this quarter   it received a GTZ grant of $2,600 to 
conduct community mobilization activities in the new residential area Ala Too, populated mostly 
with internal migrants. In addition NDI provided $1,000 to conduct seminars aimed at ensuring a 
dialogue between migrant organizations and local governments of new residential areas. 
2.  Talas Oblast Farmers  Union (TOFU), Talas 
Activity Overview  
TOFU's Board of Directors met on May 17 to approve date and place of the 4
 conference of 
TOFU members.  The conference was held on May 31 with participation of 94 members. The 
President and Vice President were re elected for a new term. The conference was attended by 
representatives of Talas and Jambyl Oblast Administrations and journalists from five newspapers 
and three TV companies.  



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