456 people were assisted through DARK's Methodical & Consulting Service. 
DARK, in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and Soros Kazakhstan Fund, 
developed a Methodical Manual for educational programs in Diabetes School.   
DARK met with a number of top state officials and deputies to discuss ongoing issues of diabetes 
prevention and prophylaxis and budget planning for public health in Kazakhstan.  
By invitation of IDF Europe, DARK's President participated in the 1
 meeting of European 
Diabetic Associations held in Saint Petersburg (June 5 6) and shared Kazakhstan's experience in 
the prevention of diabetes.  
DARK took an active part in discussion of the draft Laws On State Social Delivery,  On Social 
Partnership, and On Social Protection of Invalids. In addition, the Association analyzed 
legislation in the field of social provision and public health and submitted related adjustments to 
Ministry of Public Health and Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  
Internal Capacity Building 
Starting in April the Methodical Cabinet was transformed to Consulting Service consisting 7 
qualified experts able to render a comprehensive assistance to its clients.  
2003 Strategic plan was designed on the base of recommendations of Saint Vincent Declaration, 
World Public Health Organization, and International Diabetic Federation, experience of national 
diabetic associations of Russia, USA, and England, updated scientific designs on diagnostics and 
treatment of diabetes.   
The 12 month project proposal Public Awareness of Realization of the State Program 
 Diabetes : transparency in utilization of state and local budgets in the regions with large 
number of diabetes diseased people was designed and submitted to the Contest of Innovational 
Ideas of the World Bank for $42,600.  
The 8 month project proposal Conducting of Budget Training for 16 Managers to Strengthen 
Internal Capacity of DARK & Public Awareness and Involvement in Developing of State and 
Local Budgets was designed and submitted to the Eurasia Foundation for $29,430.  
DARK's internal personnel regulations and Charter were adjusted in connection with 
development of new strategies in medical and social aid delivery, and were designed on the base 
of recommendations made by ICNL. 
4.  Young Leaders Association (YLA) 
Activity Overview 
YLA took part in a Conference on Leadership from May 1 5 in Almaty. The event gathered 257 
participants from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan using the Youth Teaches Youth methodology.   
The regional contests of the program UN Model were supported by an informational campaign 
conducted by YLA and UN.  
The Sunday meetings on various youth issues were conducted on regular basis in the 
Association's hub office and regional branches.  
In partnership with IFES, YLA prepared traditional summer camps on the program Student Action 
Committees that are to be organized in North Kazakhstan (August), and Almaty (June).   
YLA staff participated in the program School Councils and set the foundation for the creation of a 
network in Kazakhstan. There are 4 experimental schools in Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, and 
Ozerki Village of Semey region. 
YLA trainers conducted seminars on PCA and Project Design in ZHALGHAS Counterpart.  
Organizational work was done in the framework of UNICEF's program Equal To Equal. 
Effective May, a YLA employee was seconded to UNESCO to coordinate their project on civil 
education for children of Central Asia. 
YLA, in coordination with the parents's organization Protection of Children' Rights, implements 
a Soros Kazakhstan Fund project to promote local self management. 
A series of articles covering the Association's activity and programs was published in the 
newspapers Vremya Molodykh (Time of Youth) and Obuchenie (Education). 
The head of YLA and branch Directors participated in Kazakhstan's Youth Congress in Almaty.  
In April, YLA conducted a seminar on organizing summer vacation for summer camp managers.  



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