The League continues to work in partnership with State Standard to projects on standards of 
perfume and cosmetic production. 
To advocate consumers' rights, the League President met Minister of Education and presented 
manuals and submitted official letter on introduction of Basics in Consumers' Rights in school 
and university educational programs. 
Mass media outreach through radio stations (101.1 FM weekly), TV programs (34 reports) and 
periodicals was continued to raise public awareness about consumers' rights.   
Three issues of the bulletin News for Consumers were published with circulation of 3072 copies 
and e mail distribution to 345 organizations.  
The League maintained contacts with Consumers' Societies of other countries   Tajikistan, 
Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to exchange expertise on consumers' issues.  
27 new agreements to launch concerted action with NGOs were signed in the framework of the 
NGO meeting, organized by CNOK in Astana. 
To develop a network of consumers organizations, there are now two Societies of Consumers' 
Rights Protection in each region of Kazakhstan.   
On April 4, the seminar Consumers' Rights & Its Protection Mechanisms was conducted for 30 
schoolteachers of all regions of Kazakhstan. 
The training session Consumers' Rights Protection as Factor for Business Success was conducted 
for 30 businessmen and entrepreneurs.  
The League's continued consulting via Hot Line and individual meetings, including 1987 
telephone live consultations and 67 investigations.  
The League experts participated in a press conference on problems of genetic modification of 
products and their distribution in Kazakhstan. 
Internal Capacity Building 
New contacts were made as a result of the League President's facilitation of a Counterpart Project 
Design seminar on May 22 23. 
Two employees of the League participated in the seminar International Standards in Financial 
Reporting organized by Counterpart on May 27 31. 
The League's organizational development and constituency was researched in the framework of 
Mobile Consultants Program.  
A database of mediators of international relations was formed to organize interregional meeting 
on developing effective mechanisms for conflict management.   
To strengthen financial sustainability, the League submitted papers to get a license for chargeable 
service delivery to legal entities.   
3.  Diabetic Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan (DARK) 
Activity Overview 
In the framework of fundraising campaign addressed to the 3
 Open Diabetic Athletics Meeting 
of 2003, over 30 letters were sent to potential sponsors. As a result, partnership agreements were 
set with the State Agency of Tourism & Sport, the joint stock companies   Goroformlenie, 
Rakhat and Almaty Nan, Nursat, and the TV company Rakhat. 
The company Pliva International & AWD entered the membership of DARK. Inclusion of Med 
Service Richter and CSC is under negotiations. All these companies participate in DARK's project 
to publish a Supplement to the 1
National Diabetes Catalogue. In fact, effective June 1, 19 
regional diabetes societies and 6 offices of pharmaceutical companies are DARK members. 
An agreement was signed to conduct research on diabetes medical & social problems and 
expertise of legislation on public health. Six volunteers from Al Farabi Kazakh State University 
are involved in the research process. The relevant report was submitted to Ministry of Public 
Health and Almaty Department of public health & social protection. 
The roundtable We Are Together Against Diabetes. Its Prevention & Prophylaxis was conducted 
on June 4 in the National Center of Medicines Expertise.  
On June 18, DARK hosted a roundtable to discuss new initiatives to strengthen the role of the 
Association and design of its new regulation.  



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