5.  International Scientific Society  Al Khorezmi   Vambery , URGENCH (Partner) 
Activity Overview 
April 2 the CSSC director participated in a Conference organized by the Union of Women Olima. 
April 3 mini training on Social Partnership was conducted for the main stakeholders of the NGO 
Women Center Ikhlos   rayon Khokimiyat, rayon Labor Agency, Chamber of Entrepreneurs, 
directors of two schools, and heads of Makhalla Committees. 
April meeting with the CSSC trainers was conducted to discuss the Trainers Contract Form and to 
develop plans for the quarter. 
23 consultations were conducted for representatives of the NGO Olima on NGO activity and 
In May group consultation for leaders of 6 NGOs on Project Design was conducted. 
June 10, CSSC acting Manager participated in the Round Table devoted to the development of the 
women movement in Uzbekistan and opportunities of cooperative activity on solving social 
problems in Khorezm Oblast. Local NGOs made a suggestion to the CSSC to create Coordinative 
Council of Khorezm Oblast NGOs. 
May 5 the organization's Director met with the head of PRAGMA to discuss cooperation between 
two organizations on development of small and medium business. 
Internal Capacity Building 
In April 2003 CO Coordinator was appointed as acting CSSC Manager. 
May 12 23, 2003   the CSSC acting Manager participated in the program of the Polish  Czech  
Slovakia Solidarity Foundation on development of the publishing activity conducted in Warsaw. 
In the frames of the program participants studied experience in publishing activity of the leading 
NGOs working in Poland. 
In June the premises for the CSSC were purchased and now repair work is being made. 
Community Outreach 
During the reporting quarter evaluation of all the CAG projects has been conducted 
6.  SAMARKAND Civil Initiative Support Center (Partner) 
Activity Overview 
In April 26, the CSSC Manager gave an interview to the Oblast Radio station about the activity of 
the organization. 
In April the Center organized meeting of the investigator from EHESS Institute (France/Italy) 
with two youth NGOs dedicated to youth movement issues in the region. 
May 28, the organization's Director gave an interview for the new film about Uzbekistan women 
to be prepared by journalist of Danish radio. The topic of the interview was on the problem of 
self immolation. 
June 13, NGO Club meeting was conducted in Djizak city. 
June 18, NGO Club meeting was conducted in Samarkand. Presentation of the informational 
bulletin issued by the CSSC in the frames of IREX project on Development of the informational 
space for NGOs and promotion of partnership and participatory approaches was conducted. 
Also, presentation of the Recourse Center was conducted; questions on NGO reporting to the 
Department of Justice and others were discussed. 
From March 31 to April, 3 seminars for press secretaries were conducted in the office of the 
CSSC. The International Republican Institution under the US Embassy support organized it. The 
CSSC provided logistical support on fee for service base. 
In April 28 to 29, the CSSC Coordinator participated in the Central Asian Conference on 
Monitoring and Evaluation conducted by INTRAC. 
April 28 the CSSC rendered assistance to the NGO Khayot to conduct a roundtable for the NGO. 
In April 28, the organization's Director met with the representatives of Immigration Appeals 
Board and Norwegian Immigration Directorate conducting researches of social and political 
situation in Uzbekistan.  



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