4.  BUKHARA Information and Cultural Center (Partner) 
Activity Overview 
April 19 was conducted another NGO Club Meeting. Agenda of the meeting included 
entrepreneur activities development among NGOs in Bukhara Oblast; discussion of the 
regulations rules of the NGO Club's activities; activities planning for the Club for the year 2003. 
In April 23, there was conducted Press Club for Bukhara Oblast journalists. The hot issue of the 
meeting was Problems and difficulties of the mass media representatives in their professional 
In April 26, consultation group was conducted for the Coalition of Medical NGOs on 
Development of the paid services. The purpose of the consultation was to discuss the situation 
with fees for services provided to organization by the Coalition members and to develop related 
During the quarter informational bulletin of the Center Partner was prepared and issued on the 
monthly basis. 
May 23, group consultation on Stakeholder Analysis. Project Design trainings was conducted for 
partners of the Crisis Center Oydin Nuri. Office stationary supply, organization of lunch and 
coffee breaks was provided by Oydin Nuri. 
May 24, the meeting of NGOs interested in creation of the branch of International Public 
Organization  International Socio Economic Alliance was organized. As the result of the 
discussion participants came to the point to prepare comments, suggestions and recommendations 
on creation of such a branch. 
In June meeting with deputy director of the City Department of Culture was conducted to define 
main directions of cooperation. As the result a group consisting of 15 representatives of libraries, 
clubs and Culture Houses was defined for participation in the training program. 
In June all the Manuals to trainings have been printed out and bound for more convenient usage.  
During the Quarter the CSSC worked closely with INTRAC and Participated in the Central Asian 
Conference on Monitoring and Evaluation; Participation in the regional work group of 
consultants on Strategy of INTRAC activity in Central Asia; Participation at the work group 
meeting; Participation on the regional training on Organizational Development; Participation in 
the evaluation o the INTRAC training program; and Providing logistics for INTRAC when meeting 
with NGOs on Social Partnership. 
Internal Capacity Building 
April 28 29, 2003   the CSSC Manager participated in the Central Asian Conference on 
Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Programs in Central Asia. Who benefits? The 
Conference was conducted in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and organized by INTRAC (Great Britain) and 
Interbilim (Kyrgyzstan) 
Community Outreach 
During the reporting quarter evaluation of all the CAG projects has been conducted 
Coalition of NGOs called Lets save Bukhara for other generation unified to conduct 
informational campaign on saving cultural and historical heritage of Bukhara. In the frames of the 
campaign the following events have been conducted: exhibition of old photocopies of Bukhara; 
Round Table on  Who benefits?  and meeting with children from UNESCO school  with the 
purpose of organizing volunteer movement on saving the cultural heritage; children photo 
exhibition World in my eyes and others. 
Advocacy campaign on protection of rights of residents living in Makhallas located nearby 
Tuberculosis Hospital of Kanimekhskiy rayon of Navoyi Oblast was conducted by local NGO. 



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