April 25, another meeting of the CSSC Volunteers was conducted to update plans of individual 
development and to define the next steps of the Volunteer's Club activity. 
CSSC Volunteer provided consultation to NGO Mekhr sakhovat on how to work with the 
software program AVP Scanner 
CSSC Volunteer corrected application for participation in the training conducted by AED/START 
for IG VITA. 
CSSC Volunteer rendered assistance to the NGO Mekhr sakhovat in searching the updated 
application form in the Internet 
CSSC Volunteer helped to NGO Nuroniy in typing a financial report of the organization 
CSSC Volunteer provided consultation to NGO Nafis in project design and how to work with 
CSSC Volunteer assisted in translating project application from English into Russian for two 
NGOs Mekhr Sakhovat and Shans. 
3.  NUKUS Civil Society Development Center (Partner) 
Activity Overview 
In April of this quarter group consultation was provided to the Khokimiyat specialists of 
Takhitash city on the topic of interaction of state structures with Public Associations.  
In June 16 was conducted the Round Table devoted to the main achievements and results of the 
MIP and Phase III programs in Karakalpakstan. 
In May 2003 oral agreement with NGO Center of Public Researches on provision of consultative 
and informational support to the CSSC clients on human rights was achieved. 
During the reporting Quarter the CSSC provided the rent of video/photo camera to the following 
NGOs for their activity purposes: Association of Chernobyl Victims, NGO Karakalpakstan 
Women Scientists, NGO Karakalpak branch of Uzbek Association of Reproductive Health, 
Society of disabled people, Society of Soldiers Internationalists, IG Azamat. 
In the frames of the cooperation project with UNICEF, trainers conducted orientation on creation 
and activity planning of the Association of teachers and parents in April. 
Internal Capacity Building 
April 21 25, the CSSC Manager participated in training course conducted for NGOs passed the 
firs tour of Soros Foundation grant program.  
In May, UNICEF staff and CSSC trainers set an agreement to enhance services provided to the 
clients of CSSC that would strengthen the potential of the CSSC. 
In May the structure and regulation form of the Advisory Board of the organization was defined 
and developed. 
In May 29, meeting of the CSSC trainers was conducted where was presented results of the 
trainings program in the frames of the phase III Program. Professional development of trainers 
and League of Trainers project issues were also considered.  
With the end of the surveying process of the services provided to CSSC clients, there was made 
related revisions for improvement in workflow of the Center.  
In June 2003 the guest rooms in the office premises have been equipped. 
Community Outreach 
During this reporting quarter, evaluation of all the CAG projects has been conducted. 
Coalition of local NGOs was created to solve the issues related to the lack of technical equipment.  



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