Akhangaran city by the NGO Bunyodkor Ayol. The latter resulted in the development of a CAP 
during which a committee of 11 people met to develop a plan to address the deterioration of the 
physical maturity and health of children. As a solution suggested is to create sport sanitary 
complex for mothers and children. 
In April 10, a meeting with the organization's volunteers was conducted. The purpose was to 
discuss the prioritization of activities for each volunteer, compose the list of activity for the CSSC 
volunteers, and distribute tasks according to the individual interests and to develop a schedule of 
CSSC Volunteer provided NGO Magris with specialized consultation on keeping internal 
2.  K
ND Civil Society Development Center (Partner) 
Activity Overview 
April 6 the CSSC Coordinator participated in the celebration of the International Day of Health. 
April 18 the CSSC organized the NGO roundtable for Peace Corps purpose to introduce with 
NGO situation and necessity of the NGO development program planned by Peace Corps. 
April 25 the CSSC the Coordinator visited the NGO Nafis to get acquainted with the organization. 
Based on visit results, the Coordinator provided recommendations on some of the aspects of the 
organizational development to Nafis. 
May 1 meeting of the NGO Network of Fergana Valley was conducted. All four organizations 
participated in the meeting. There was discussed network issues such as if there are needs to be in 
existence as a Network, present and future perspectives of Network interactive communications, 
and coordination of its activities among members. Kokand CSDC was chosen to be a 
Coordinative body of the Network and it was agreed to formalize interactions via Memorandum 
of Understanding.  
In May 1, the CSSC trainers meeting were conducted. At the meeting was discussed new structure 
of trainings, revised schedule of trainings for two months, and updated plans for professional 
development of trainers. 
In May 23, NGO Club meeting was conducted in the office of the CSSC for Kokand city 
Khokimiyat and local NGOs to inform them about current updates of NGO activities, information 
exchange among NGOs, and discuss services providing by CSSCs. 
In June 8, the CSSC Coordinator participated at the meeting of NGOs working in the trans 
boarder regions of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. As the result of the meeting it was decided to 
develop memorandum of the network and conduct joint projects. 
In June 27, the CSSC Program Assistant participated in the meeting devoted to the Conflict 
Mitigation conducted in the Center Ishonch in Fergana city. 
Internal Capacity Building 
In April the CSSC Volunteer was hired by the CSSC as Program Assistant. 
In May the repair works have been made in the office of the CSDC 
In April new organizational structure was developed. 
Community Outreach 
April 9   roundtable on The best Social Partnership project was conducted with participation of 
NGOs, Counterpart and CSSC representatives as well as state structures with the purpose to 
present the winner of the Contest for the Best Social Partnership project. 
In the reporting period Quarter Evaluation of all the CAG projects has been conducted 
One PCA was conducted with the help of the CSSC in the Village  Shakhimardonobod  of 
Ferganskiy rayon led by the NGO Toza suv, after which an initiative group of 11 persons met to 
develop solutions to the lack of drinking water. The solution suggested was to establish water 
supply pipeline. 
Network of Medical NGOs Sado organized the celebration of the International day of Health in 
partnership with Kokand city Khokimiyat, Kamolot Foundation, Party Fidokorlar,  ABA, 
ZdravPlus, private firm Solvay Pharma and other business organizations. 



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