The special version of Lebap CSSC newsletter issued into Turkmen language and was spread 
among the communities and NGOs of Lebap velayat. 
The Lebap CSSC carried out self assessment on organizational development of Lebap CSSC 
among 14 NGOs. Analyze of collected questionnaires will be considered as well as during 
planning as in daily work.   
For reporting period 53 consultations were provided for NGO's and Initiative group's and 18 
project proposals wree developed for Counterpart's NGOs Support Grant Program with Lebap 
CSSC assistance.   
Three monitoring of CAG project carried out in Bash Saka of Lebap velayt. Evaluation of CAG 
project carried out in Goldav of Lebap velayt conducted by M&E Coordinator. 
The training needs assessment was conducted and 40 questionnaires were distributed.  The new 
proposed training offered by Lebap CSSC will consider NGO's requests.  
There was installed the databases of Lebap NGOs, of Lebap CSSC volunteers and of CAG 
experts, which include the information on 15 NGOs, 30 Volunteers and 5 CAG experts.  
Three Newsletters and two digests on grant opportunities were published.  
In June 25 the Lebap CSSC was visited by British Ambassador Paul Brummell and Third 
Secretary Justin Tait and Project Officer Shemshat Mekhametkulieva. During the meeting the 
issues of Lebap NGOs activities and particularly NGOs which work in education sphere, access to 
informational resources, volunteerism development discussed.   
Internal Capacity Building 
Tagandurdy Charyev started to work for Lebap CSSC as Project Assistant for the Healthy 
Communities project, on May 30. New staff member oriented with a Health Project, policy and 
procedures and the current work of Lebap CSSC.  
On April 1 2 the Lebap CSSC program staff participated in the Network meeting in the Ashgabat. 
The Manager of the Lebap CSSC together with the managers of Ahal and Dashoguz CSSCs 
conducted the special sessions concerning the issues of the current work of the staff during the 
staff retreat.  
On May 2 4, Lebap CSSC program staff and volunteers participated in the Volunteers Forum in 
On May 26, 2003 Lebap CSSC participated in the workshop on lessons learned on PCA, M&E, 
CAG Grant Committee and mini training on time management and planning conducted by hub 
On June 10 12, 2003 Yazgylych Charyev, Country Director, Catherine Pryahina, finance and 
administrative manager, Suray Atayeva, OD Coordinator, conducted internal audit. During visit 
staff consulted on the issues of program management, team building, financial recourses 
The new volunteers of Lebap CSSC left to form the Volunteer Center Bridge. 
In May new equipment was installed (CD RW). This equipment was used to make copies of the 
library CD disks. This new type of service was used by 4 NGOs for making copies of the 
necessary disks. 
The Program Coordinator of the Lebap CSSC mastered the new computer programs  Corel 
draw ,  Adobe Page Maker ,  Adobe Photoshop  which are used extensively in designing the 
Lebap CSSC newsletters, digests and bulletins. 



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