Three Newsletters VMESTE of the Ashgabat CSSC were published and disseminated   two in 
Turkmen language. Two of the digests contained information about grants, trainings, and 
New rubric of Ashgabat CSSC publications created on Information Stand, which is regularly 
updated with NGOs Newsletters, Booklets, information provided by local NGO.  
On April 14, one of the Ashgabat CSSC volunteers participated in the Peace Corps roundtable 
discussion and presented the achievement of the Ashgabat CSSC in volunteer development.  
During the reporting period the Ashgabat CSSC conducted 10 subsequent evaluations of CAG 
projects in Gyavers etrap, Ruhabat, Herrikgala, Ashgabat, Annau, Makhtumkuli etrap, Geokcha, 
The Ashgabat CSSC conducted monitoring of Support Grant Projects implemented by Nature 
Protection Society of Mary Velayat. and Komek.  
The Ashgabat CSSC carried out a training needs assessment and the 40+ questionnaires 
distributed will be analyzed next month. 
Several information materials were developed and distributed in Turkmen language. The 
materials highlight the CSSCs successes in CAG implementation, social partnership development 
and community mobilization.  
Ashgabat CSSC identified 5 candidates for CAG Grant Committee.  
Ashgabat CSSC in collaboration with ICNL prepared and distributed to NGOs packet of 
Documentations on NGO Legislation in Turkmenistan.  
On May 26 the Program Coordinator of the Ashgabat CSSC conducted a mini training in Time 
Management for CSSCs and hub office. 
Ashgabat CSSC staff attended activities carried out by Initiative Group of School #16 of Annau 
and Initiative group of Rukhabat Etrap.   
19 project proposals for Counterpart Support Grant developed by NGOs with consultative 
assistant of Ashgabat CSSC.  
Internal Capacity Building 
Oguldursun Annanepesova started to work for Ashgabat CSSC as an Assistant of Project Healthy 
Communities on June 2th.  
On April 1 2 Ashgabat CSSC participated in the Network meeting held in Ashgabat. The 
Manager of Ashgabat CSSC together with Managers of Lebab and Dashoguz CSSCs carried out 
Retreat for Hub and CSSCs.  
The system of management of volunteers of Ashgabat CSSC had been changed. The database of 
volunteers with information about 48 volunteers will be used widely to link NGOs and initiative 
groups with volunteers.  
On May 26, Ashgabat CSSC staff took part in the workshop on  Lessons learned  organized by 
Hub office to discuss the ways of increasing effectiveness of PCA and M&E.  
The CSSC discussed ways to improve the quality of trainings. 
On April 12, the CSSC's twenty volunteers participated in the seminar Youth Volunteerism 
Development organized by AED/USAID.  
US Embassy Volunteer Stephanie Tansey conducted eight English Clubs for Ashgabat CSSC 
volunteers in April May. 
Ashgabat CSSC staff participated in the Counterpart trainings Volunteers Management, and 
Membership Development. 
On April 1 7 the Program Coordinator of the Ashgabat CSSC participated in the training of 
trainers in Kiev and June 16 22 in Almaty under the program of National Council on Economic 
Education with funding from the United States Department of Education in coordination with 
United States Department of State.  
On May 2 4 Ashgabat CSSC staff and volunteers participated in Volunteers Forum in Ashgabat.  
On May 12 the Ashgabat CSSC Program Coordinator participated in the training  Public 
Relation  conducted by Ed Net.   



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