CEN Conference organized by CSSC was a good opportunity for different groups discuss 
community problems and suggest the ways of their solution.  
5. Khorog CSSC/Kalam 
During the quarter CSSC has been engaged in research work, conducting training and conference 
within CEN project. 
CSSC has signed cooperative agreement with Counterpart to implement Health Program. 
CSSC provide consulting services to Health Grant Program Applicants and facilitated PCA 
CSSC provided cycle of training within Health Program. 
CSSC Program Staff participated in the network meetings, organized by Counterpart.  
CSSC participated in the Information Campaign  No to Drugs  initiated by a coalition of local 
NGO  Vahdat leader attended the workshop  Role of Civil Society Organization in Poverty 
Reduction  in Bishkek. After returning he conducted one day session for CSSC staff.  
CSSC coordinated with ICNL to organize and conduct training on legal issues. 
CSSC Director participated in the Forum of Entrepreneurs, organized by Oblast Khukumat. 
CSSC Director negotiated with IREX to establish Resource Center for journalists. 
Internal Capacity Building 
CSSC is implementing project  City over the Gun Powder  funded by Democracy Foundation. 
CSSC has repaired new office, installed telephone lines and equipment. 
CSSC has developed an action plan for the next 6 months. 
CSSC participated in the Strategic Planning workshop, organized by Counterpart. 
New employee with medical background has been hired to coordinate Health Program. 
Community Outreach 
Video film devoted to Social Partnership has been prepared and presented by DCSSC in the 
network meeting in June 
Despite of the completion of all projects CSSC continues to maintain contacts with project 
implementers to track the results and sustainability of projects. All evaluations have been done 
and reported to Counterpart Office. 
CSSC used to assist Initiative Groups to get juridical status, providing them information about 
procedure, fee and other formalities, checking charter and making amendments. 
CEN project activities have been integrated into Counterpart programs extending target groups 
and increasing the range of interventions. As the result a number of new communities benefited 
from training and consulting services. 
Immediately after CEN project training for communities, two communities managed to repair 
irrigation canal by their own resources. CSSC has got appreciation letter from Ishkashim District 
for the initiative to train people. 
Volunteers of the Center have been involved in the implementation of Health Program 
disseminating information, package of documents, assisting grant applicants to type the proposals. 
6.  Penjikent CSSC/Association of Eastern Women 
Activity Overview 
CSSC has signed Cooperative Agreement with Counterpart for Health program implementation. 
CSSC staff participated in the network meetings organized by Counterpart. 
CSSC staff has developed strategic plan for 2003 2005. 
CSSC participated in the implementation of CEN project conducting research, training and 
CSSC conducted 3 advanced training within Civil Society Project. 



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