4. Kulob CSSC/Shahrvand 
Activity Overview 
CSSC staff participated in the network meetings, organized by Counterpart. 
CSSC signed a Cooperative agreement with Counterpart to implement Health program. 
CSSC staff organized the Strategic Planning workshop to develop Strategic Plan for 2003 2005. 
CSSC program staff developed an action plan for July August 2003. 
CSSC program staff participated in the implementation of CEN project conducting research work, 
capacity building training for community leaders and CEN Conference. 
CSSC program staff participated in the development of the charter for CSSC Association. 
During the quarter CSSC provided trainings within CEN project, Health Program, Civil Society 
CSSC organized and conducted training on legal issues, ordered by ICNL. 
Within Health Program 16 proposals have been reviewed and submitted for consideration. 
Internal Capacity Building 
Program staff has developed a proposal for funding on school construction that was submitted to 
Japan Embassy. 
CSSC has signed a contract with RRDP for partnership activities: provision of trainings for 
Jamoat development Committees. 
CSSC provided services for fee including trainings, research work, organization of meetings to 
CSSC Director and Program Coordinator participated in the training Membership Organization 
Cooperative Agreement was signed with the Urban Institute to implement the project 
Development of local governments in CAR. 
Community Outreach 
CSSC has completed evaluation of projects (NGO Support Grant and CAGs). 
CSSC promoted organization of ceremonies devoted to the completion of CAGs, implemented by 
CBOs and Initiative Groups. Representatives of Government, Mass media and NGOs participated 
in the events. 
CSSC made a video film  Unity is Our Power  devoted to the achievements of community 
projects. Video film was presented in the last network meeting. 
During conducting activities in the framework of advocacy campaign related to action against 
early marriages and self immolation, Women Initiative Group has been established. The group 
was trained by CSSC to assess the needs of the community and develop action plan. Recently the 
group of women developed a proposal for Health Grant Program. 
Chohtemur Community Women were trained on the issues of family planning and received 
contraceptive items Within Advocacy Campaign against early marriages initiated by CSSC. 
CSSC has signed cooperative agreement with WFP to provide Initiative Groups, CAG 
implementors with food in the framework of the project  Food for Work . 
CSSC has developed an action plan on Social Partnership as a follow up step after SP conference. 
CSSC has signed an agreement with Oblast Khukumat, representatives of NGOs and business 
about establishment of the SP Public Board. 
Social Partnership follow up Conference has been held in Shurabad district by Kurgon  Teppa 
and Kulob CSSCs. 
CSSC has trained 10 volunteers on different modules. Two of them were offered job in CSSC, 
others were recommended to local NGOs. 
Volunteers of the Center are involved in organization of the events, like trainings, round tables 
and conferences, program activities. 
Conducting training within CEN project promoted mobilization of communities and in the result 
6 Initiative groups have been established.  



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