3.  Kurghon Teppa CSSC/Fidokor 
Activity Overview 
Within the quarter CSSC provided on going services to NGOs, CBOs, Initiative Groups, IOs and 
local Khukumats. 
The most significant event for CSSC was construction of training room, completed and equipped 
mostly with the resources of the Center. 
A number of trainings have been provided to governmental officials for fee as it's been agreed in 
Social partnership Conference, held in December 2002.  
CSSC staff participated in the research work ordered by INSIFT and NGO Zerkalo. 
NGO Club meeting have been organized on a monthly basis to discuss different important issues 
and share information. 
In June CSSC made a presentation of the new building, hosting representatives of IOs, NGOs, 
governmental officials and other stakeholders. 
CSSC conducted research to create CDD organizations database, trainings for community leaders 
and a Conference on Community Empowerment Network issue. 
CSSC staff developed and translated into Tajik training modules on  Leadership development , 
 Micro funding in the conditions of market economics  jointly with NGO  Sitorai Najot . 
CSSC provided assistance and consulting services to the clients in the framework of Health 
program and as the result 31 proposals have submitted for consideration. 
Internal Capacity Building 
CSSC made efforts to improve conditions and facilities of the office constructing a new building. 
CSSC provides free of charge e mail, internet to the clients due to partnership with IREX. 
CSSC provides services for fee (trainings, Facilitation services, organization of meetings, 
database, and consultation) to International Organizations. 
CSSC program staff participated in the Strategic Planning workshop organized by Counterpart. 
CSSC staff is proactive for fundraising activities. Financial Sustainability Plan has been 
developed by the staff.  
CSSC staff has developed a new proposal  Equal rights   equal opportunities, for funding to 
Urban Institute. 
Program Coordinator Rustam Bahriddinov participated in the International Conference  M&E of 
Development programs in CA .CSSC Director participated in CEN regional conference in 
CSSC Director participated in the workshop  Improvement of legal education of journalists  
organized by the Presidential Office. 
Community Outreach 
Video film devoted to Social Partnership has been prepared and presented by DCSSC in the 
network meeting in June 
CSSC promoted CBOs and Initiative Groups to close  up projects and present the results through 
CSSC continues to provide trainings to local Khukumat officials at the district level. 
Program staff accomplished work related to monitoring and evaluation activities.  
Volunteers of the Center are actively involved in the program activities of the organization. Some 
of them are mature enough to conduct training, join the group for monitoring and evaluation and 
make a reporting. 
CSSC organized a Press Club in Shartuz region with participation of different sources of Mass 
Media devoted to the role of the NGO in the Society. 
CSSC staff initiated public presentation of the successfully implemented projects by NGOs, 
CBOs and IGs. Project implementations have been awarded acknowledgement certificates. 
Social Partnership Conference has been held in Shurabad district. 
CSSC conducted training on Referendum issues in 10 communities of Khatlon Region. 



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