In April and May DCSSC volunteers updated the database. 
Within the framework of the joint project with NRC DCSSC trained a group of volunteers on 
appropriate topics.  
2. Khujand CSSC  Consortium of Initiatives  
Activity Overview 
The third issue of the network newsletter  Tajnet  has been published and disseminated. 
Action plan and draft of the budget for Health Program have been submitted to HP PC.  
Contract between Counterpart and CSSC has been signed in April to launch implementation of 
Health Program. 
 Health Program trainings have been organized by CSSC for grant applicants. 
Consulting services and technical support has been provided for grant applicants. 33 proposals 
have been considered, provided consultation and sent to Counterpart Tajikistan Office. 
Within CEN project research activities, training for community leaders and the conference with 
participation of community leaders, IOs, governmental officials, Mass Media representatives have 
conducted by CSSC. Database of 50 CDD organizations has been created by staff. 
Internal Capacity Building 
Program Coordinator Bahrom Faizullaev participated in the training in Dushanbe on the topic 
 Development of Membership organizations . He provided a session on the topic for CSSC staff. 
CSSC program staff negotiated with INTRAC to participate in their specific training program for 
Support Organizations. 
CSSC took active part in developing the charter of the Association 
Arrival of Health Program Coordinator helped staff to clarify some issues of the program. He 
participated in the meeting with NGOs responding questions and providing consultations. 
CSSC office has been visited by M. Khaidarova, ICNL representative who provided juridical 
consulting for staff. 
CSSC provided a cycle of trainings for fee to OSCE, ABT, RRDP, and Shelter for Life. 
CSSC provides representation services and other intermediary assistance to IOs for fee. 
Program staff participated in network meetings in April and June.  
Community Outreach 
12 close out and 5 follow up evaluations of NGO Support Grants and CAGs were conducted. 
CBO and Initiative Groups receive on going consultation and technical assistance. 
CSSC launch the second round of the program  Volunteering Development . Within the program 
42 young people benefited from the program attending trainings, participating in Center activities, 
Charity events and Volunteers Forums. Volunteers visited a number of schools conducting 
meetings on drug issues, AIDS and volunteering development. 
In May 17 the CSSC organized the Forum of Volunteers where 42 trained volunteers were  
certified and awarded recommendation letters. Recently more than 10 volunteers were hired by 
local NGOs. Volunteers applied to Majlisi Oli (Parliament) requesting to announce May 17 as a 
Day of Volunteers in Tajikistan. 
CSSC has prepared two short version video films on volunteering development that were 
presented in the network meting. 
On a monthly basis CSSC organizes Press Club jointly with SOROS Foundation branch in 
Khujand on different important issues like Referendum, Publication issues and freedom of speech. 
The working group established as a result of the social partnership conference has met to discuss 
the idea of creation SP Public Board, the goal of which will be enhancement of Social partnership 
between sectors and coordination joint actions. 



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