Dushanbe CSSC/The Third Sector 
Activity Overview 
In April the CSSC Board of Directors met to reconsider the staff of the Board and designate Elena 
Chastukhina (Acting Director) Director of the organization. 
Agreements have been signed between CSSC and Counterpart for an extension of the institutional 
grant and implementation of health program. 
Contracts for extension period have been signed with the CSSC staff 
CSSC has provided a cycle of training for the beneficiaries of the project  Women Empowerment 
and Socio Economic Development . Some modules have been translated into Tajik. 
In May the DCSSC's main focus was the preparation pf the social partnership conference with the 
Mayor of Dushanbe 
Within the framework of the Volunteer Development joint project with NRC some trainings have 
been conducted for groups of volunteers 
The conference on the topic Community empowerment network has been conducted in the 
framework of CEN project. The goal of the conference was the discussion of community 
problems, challenges, needs and developing recommendations for organizations dealing with 
48 proposals have been considered and recommended for Health grant program. 
Video film devoted to Social Partnership has been prepared and presented by DCSSC in the 
network meeting in June 
Internal Capacity Building 
The DCSSC has developed the price list of fee for services. 
Director has met with IOs (IREX, NDI, and OSCE) to discuss the prospects fro cooperation. 
Community Outreach 
The DCSSC has developed questionnaires for closing evaluation on NGO Support Grant and 
CAGs. The questionnaires allow tracking the fulfillment of the project objectives, the degree of 
participation of different components in the project implementation, to track the sustainability of 
the project.  
The DCSSC staff has conducted 9 close out evaluation of completed projects. Recently all of the 
staff is trained to conduct M&E and make reporting. 
Evaluation of project results has acknowledged that social partnership on the community level 
gives tangible results. Local governmental officials participate actively on all stages of 
community projects and make a weighable contribution. 
Summarizing the results of project evaluation, special newsletter, covering Community Outreach 
project impacts has been issued by DCSSC. 
The results of 4 projects (site visits) have been introduced to Arlene Lear Harry Dorcus from CI, 
In Tursunzoda district, Local Khukumat a new department responsible for coordination of work 
with IOs has been established as the result of Social Partnership Conference held in February in 
The Social Partnership Conference with the mayor of Dushanbe was held in May 27. 530 
participants from different sectors of the society participated in the conference. As the result of 
the conference Coordination Committee has been established, including Mayor, other key 
governmental officials, donor organizations, NGOs and Mass Media. 
One of the follow up activities after SP conference in Dushanbe was a roundtable discussion on 
the topic of partnership initiatives with participation of NGOs, IOs, responsible authorities and 
Chairman of local Khukumat of Zheleznodorozhnyi District of Dushanbe city.  It's been decided 
to organize meetings on the regular meetings. 
4 new volunteers have passed probation period. They`ve been introduced with volunteers policies 
and job descriptions. 



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