10.  Osh CSSCs (OS) 
Activity Overview 
By April 15, OS collected 48 applications of local NGOs, which then were sent to the Soros 
The ALLAVIDA Representative in Kyrgyzstan Ms. E. Osmonalieva visited OS on June 9 to learn 
about activities of local civil society. She introduced OS in the ALLAVIDA's plans to support 
institutional development of local NGOs. 
On June 10, the Manager K. Khasanova took part in the presentation of the Village Investment 
K. Khasanova took part in the roundtable titled Development of capacity of CBOs for 
Strengthening Participation of Communities in Poverty Alleviation, held by UNDP on June 7 in 
Osh. The participants discussed issues related to stimulation of community participation in social 
and economic development. 
Internal Capacity Building 
The OS Manager K. Khasanova participated in the regional training seminar Organizational 
Development and Change held by INTRAC on May 28 30 in Almaty. The participants 
representing NGO support organizations from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and 
Uzbekistan obtained new skills in OD, for example management through organizational changes, 
reasoning the problems, etc. 
The OS Coordinator P. Manasov left his position to work three weeks later, nevertheless he is 
available to deliver training workshops on a contract basis. The former volunteer Mr. B. Junusov 
was chosen as the most successful candidate to fill this position, and as a first step of his capacity 
building, he participated in the training in Project Design held in Osh on June 11 12. 
Community Outreach 
On April 7, OS staff visited the Kuu Maidan community to discuss the issue about legal 
registration. The community members decided to establish a NGO, which then will establish a 
micro crediting agency in line with current legislation as micro crediting was recognized as one of 
the future directions of activities. Thus, the community will have chance to implement 
infrastructure project through the NGO and income generating project through a micro crediting 
agency. Both legal entities have been registered in May 2003. 
OS conducted a meeting with 13 leaders of 5 target communities in the village of Eski Pokrovka 
to ensure exchange of experience and information between target communities. The participants 
discussed issues of ensuring sustainability of community projects promoting transparency in 
distributing small loans, and keeping the project records.  
OS facilitated the next meeting of the leaders of target communities held in Bek Jar on June 12. 
The community leaders shared their experience in implementing income generating projects, and 
discussed possibilities to address the problems encountered in distributing/colleting payments. 
On April 16, OS conducted a meeting of LGC, where three projects, submitted by the 
communities of Kara Kochkor, Bek Jar and Eski Pokrovka, were approved and sent to the Hub 
Office for final approval. 
During the quarter, OS was focusing on providing consultations in registration to the target 
communities. As a result, all 7 target communities were registered as public unions (3 
communities), and public foundations (4 communities). 
11.  Talas CSSCs (TL) 
Activity Overview 
On May 14, the TL Consultant A. Turdukulov took part in the seminar Third Investment Matrix 
conducted by the Oblast State Administration. Vice Prime Minister J. Otorbaev, who is in charge 
of attracting investments, made a brief presentation on the Matrix. 
According to the partnership agreement with IFES, TL distributed questionnaires among school 
students to participate in summer democracy camps. 



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