NR has been revising its strategic plan based on feedback from local NGOs received during the 
roundtable discussions, held to get recommendations form the NR clients on how they see the NR 
in future. 
On May 13 15, E. Ubysheva and C. Akmatova visited NR to provide coaching on designing 
logframe, and selecting project ideas. 
Community Outreach 
On April 18, NR conducted a meeting of LGC, where one project, submitted by the community of 
Yugyut, was approved and sent to the Hub Office for final approval. The project aimed at 
conducting a conference with participation of local communities and governments to share 
experience gained during the CAG implementation. 
On April 18 19, the CO Coordinator A. Kyrgyzbaeva took part in the Forum of Local 
Communities, held in Talas, and aimed at discussing issues of common concern and identifying 
ways to address them. The forum was well attended by local administrations, as well as by 
representatives of international organizations and media. 
On May 14, C. Akmatova held a mini training seminar and coaching for the NR contract trainers 
in conducting PM&E. 
NR participated in the roundtable to discuss a new bill on legal basis of lobbying in the 
government institutions. The Deputy Mrs. T. Borombaeva and NDI staff conducted discussions 
on June 18. A roundtable on these topics was scheduled for the first half of July in Naryn. 
9.  Nookat CSSC (NO) 
Activity Overview 
In May, Save the Children (UK) made a partnership contract with NO on providing paid training 
seminars for their target groups. 
Internal Capacity Building 
NO made a decision to hire Ms. Asida Salaidinova as the Field Coordinators for the TACIS IBPP 
Project. She was chosen based on interviews with applicants conducted during the reporting 
period. The contract started on Mid April 2003. The NO staff conducted orientation with her, the 
job description was finalized. 
On May 28 30, four member of the Advisory Board of NO took part in the training on Strategic 
Planning and Financial Sustainability, held in Jalalabad. 
On May, two contract trainers signed short term contracts with Urban Institute to conduct training 
seminars on preparing budget hearings. 
Community Outreach 
The Refugee Coordinator A. Abduraimov visited refugee communities of Dedek Bubu, Naiman 
and Karimberdy every month to inform them about the UNHCR project for 2003, to discuss an 
intervention plan to be based on the specific needs of those refugee communities, and to provide 
consultations on citizenship acquisition, emergency assistance, project design and business 
planning. Three refugees were placed in a job with assistance of NO. 
Within the TACIS IBPP Project, NO selected three pilot villages after consultations with main 
local stakeholders  Dong Kishlok, Naiman and Ak Shaly. During April  May, NO completed 
baseline studies in all pilot locations as described in the workplan, the baseline study reports were 
finalized in June. 
On May 21, NO conducted a meeting of LGC, where two projects were approved and sent to the 
Hub Office for final approval. 
On June 11 13, NO hosted a conference of community leaders from Fergana Valley to identify 
common problems hampering community development (social and economic) and ensure 
networking among different communities, especially from different countries.  



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