KE has been intensifying fundraising activities  two project were submitted this quarter: (1) the 
project aimed at ensuring sustainable development of communities of Aksy Rayon was sent to 
OSCE, and (2) the project focused on educating people in migration issues was sent to IOM. 
The Program Manager of Peace Corps A. Japarov visited KE to learn about conditions and scope 
of work of a volunteer to be placed in KE in August. 
Community Outreach 
KE conducted three seminars on Social Partnership in Kara Jygach (May 19), Kerben (June 6), 
and Kosh Dobo (June 13), attended by representatives of 12 aiyl okmotus (village governments), 
Aksy Rayon Administration, local initiative groups. During these seminars, participants came to 
common understanding what the social partnership means, made SWOT analysis for developing 
partnership, and developed action plans, inclusive of delivering training workshops to main 
stakeholders, establishing a coordination council, etc.  
KE held the roundtable Development of Volunteerism Is a Key for Success on June 21. The 
participants, representing local NGOs and CBOs shared their experience in recruiting volunteers, 
managing them, and emphasized their key role in successful implementation of community 
projects. The participants also noted that it is very important to match needs of an organization 
with expectations of volunteers. 
During the quarter, 4 close out and 8 follow up evaluations have been conducted for community 
projects implemented by the target communities. The main conclusion was that the income 
generating projects brought first positive results   
On May 28, KE conducted a roundtable devoted to taxation issues. The main aim of this meeting, 
attended by 20 representatives of NGOs and Tax Inspection, was twofold  (1) to discuss tax 
exemptions and how they should be applied, (2) to discuss obligations of NGOs imposed by 
current tax legislation. 
8.  Naryn CSSC (NR) 
Activity Overview 
By April 15, NR collected 44 applications of local NGOs, which then were sent to the Soros 
On May 29, NR participated in the roundtable entitled Strategy to Alleviate Information Isolation 
of Mountainous Areas held by the Institute of Physiology under National Academy of Sciences. 
The participants decided to hold regular information exchange meetings as the information 
vacuum was recognized as one of the priority issues to be addressed. 
The ALLAVIDA Representative in Kyrgyzstan Ms. E. Osmonalieva visited NR on June 2 to learn 
about activities of local civil society. She introduced NR and representatives of several NGOs to 
the ALLAVIDA's plans to support institutional development of local NGOs. 
Internal Capacity Building 
The NR Manager E. Karypbay Uulu took part in the seminar titled Publication of Independent 
Materials in Central Asia, held in Warsaw (Poland) on April 7 18. The participants from all five 
Central Asian countries obtained new knowledge in designing bulletins, brochures, booklets, 
flyers and other printing materials. Resulted from the performance at the training, the Manager 
was awarded with portable computer, which then was sold to buy 2 desktop computers for the 
On April 25 28, the member of the Advisory Board of NR Mrs. A. Okosheva took part in the 
training on Strategic Planning and Financial Sustainability. 
The NR Coordinator A. Naymanbetova took part in the TOT on Business Planning conducted by 
SBDC Consult on April 9 13 in Cholpon Ata. 
NR continues providing training workshops on a contractual basis  on June 26, NR reached an 
agreement with the Save the Children (UK) about conducting paid training workshops for its 
target groups. 



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