On the staff meeting of May 19, KR developed a questionnaire to conduct needs assessment 
among their clients. The survey is being conducted, results are expected to be ready in July. 
On May 28, KR hosted a meeting of the Advisory Board (of 7 members), where KR staff reported 
to its members on their activities for the past three months, presented a brief report on Strategic 
Planning training workshop held in Chok Tal Vl. The activities on developing a governing body 
were also discussed. The participants re elected the Chairman of the Board and slightly revised its 
I. Rachmanova took part in the training seminar The Role of NGOs in Involving Youth in the 
Election Process, held by Gazah Resource Center (Azerbaijan) in Baku on June 9 14. The trainers 
from  Voters Committee (Ukraine), Youth Initiative Center (Serbia), and TEAM (Lithuania) 
conducted this seminar.  
Community Outreach 
On April 9, KR conducted a meeting of LGC, where five applications were considered, of which 
two projects were approved and sent to the Hub Office for final approval. 
On May 13, the first meeting of Micro Credit Agency Committee of Collaboration with Kumtor 
Operating Company was held to discuss basic principles of crediting policy, procedures and rules 
of awarding grants, some internal procedures. The second meeting took place on June 20, where 
29 grant applications and 8 credit applications were reviewed. The decision to approve 12 grant 
applications was made, and decisions on all credit applications will be made later, after submitting 
additional information. 
On June 5 7, KR conducted training in PM&E for 19 facilitators from the target communities. 
The participants received basic knowledge in PM&#, stakeholders analysis, etc. They also did 
practical session in the community of Kyzyl Suu to better master their skills. 
On May 15 16, KR conducted a training seminar on Impact Monitoring, based on materials of the 
TOT conducted by Mr. P. Sauer, consultant of Counterpart Deutschland.  
KR together with Legal Information Center and NGO Union of Entrepreneurs, conducted a 
roundtable called Effectiveness of Advocacy Campaigns, which was attended by 40 people, 
representing NGOs, private business, Tax Inspection, Social Fund. They discussed social 
insurance benefits, and compiled a list of organizations to be exempted from paying the benefits. 
An attention of the fiscal officials was driven towards unfair conditions of the new regulations 
towards small enterprises.  
7.  Kerben CSSC (KE) 
Activity Overview 
The ALLAVIDA Representative in Kyrgyzstan Ms. E. Osmonalieva visited KE in June 6 to learn 
about activities of local civil society. She met with several NGOs in the KE office, and introduced 
them to the ALLAVIDA plans to support institutional development of local NGOs. 
On June 9, KE participated in the forum of NGOs from Jalalabad and Aksy Rayon to discuss 
situation in border areas. The meeting was organized by the NGO Peace Building Group. The 
participants discussed such issues as passing through custom checkpoints, citizenship when one 
marry citizen of the neighboring country, violation of rights of residents of border areas, etc. 
KE received a guarantee letter of the Rayon Administration stating that the Fund of Economic 
Development of Aksy Rayon allocated 100,000 soms for supporting local communities, and these 
money will be administered by KE.  
Internal Capacity Building 
In April 14, the Hub Office Coordinators visited KE to monitor community outreach program and 
conduct an audit of the grant files. Based on visits to seven target communities, they made 
recommendations to improve information exchange within the target communities through 
publicizing information about the project developments to better inform the community members. 
The Training Coordinator A. Shamshiev took part in the TOT on Business Planning conducted by 
SBDC Consult on April 23 27 in Osh. The seminar aimed at building skills of participants in 
developing income generating activities of NGOs to support realization of their missions. 



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