The Hub Office staff conducted 4
 OD assessment for KN on April 15 18. During the assessment, 
interviews with NGOs, CBOs, governments, and media were conducted. The assessment resulted 
in recommendations to address areas for development encountered during the interviews. 
On June 23 24, the KE Assistant A. Dunganaeva took part in the training on Business Planning 
organized by the CSSC of Karakol and held in Karakol. The training was conducted by Mr. A. 
Leebin of MASHAV (Israel). The most interesting thing was that the software to assess 
profitability of the business idea was presented to the participants. 
Community Outreach 
On May 29, KN conducted a meeting with leaders of target communities to discuss preparation 
and conduction of PM&E in target communities.  
KN hosted a meeting with refugees' NGOs on May 28, where they discussed main achievements 
and problems encountered during the implementation of the community outreach program that 
will end in June 2003. The implications of the citizenship activities have also been discussed. KN 
staff recommended refugee organizations revise their activities as most of their clients received 
the citizenship, and they have to be proactive in attracting new financial sources, other from 
UNHCR and Counterpart. The participants also talked about celebrating Refugees' Day on June 
19 in Kant. 
KN has slightly revised procedures of distributing emergency assistance to refugees and re 
elected the Commission designated to review and approve applications. To date, 29 applications 
were approved, totaling 11,300 soms.  
On June 20, the KN Manager T. Temirova participated in the consultations on the Village 
Investment Project (VIP) by WB. The issues of involving the target communities were discussed 
among others in the agenda, and a decision was made in include target villages of Otogon and 
Chon Daly as pilot locations of the VIP. 
The NGOs Booruker Urmat and Duvana received a NDI grant to conduct the advocacy campaign, 
aimed at simplification of citizenship acquiring procedures. They organized and facilitated 
roundtables with participation of militia, passport offices, local governments, and deputies of 
local representative bodies in Bishkek on May 12 and 21, Kara Balta on May 28, and in Tokmak 
on May 21. The agenda was to discuss how to simplify existing procedures of obtaining 
citizenship. The final roundtable was held in Bishkek on June 4, where the participants 
summarized results of the previous roundtables. A written statement of support in adopting this 
law was forwarded to the President Akaev, Parliament and Ministry of Justice. 
6.  Karakol CSSC (KR) 
Activity Overview 
B. Abdieva participated in the presentation of the new TACIS project entitled Regional 
Development of Issyk Kul Area on April 1. One of the key objectives of this project is to develop 
tourism based on local communities. On the following meetings of April 16 and 25, the issue of 
establishing independent tourism information center was discussed. 
By April 15, KR collected 23 applications of local NGOs, which then were sent to the Soros 
On April 28, KR conducted a roundtable on Social Partnership in Aksu Rayon, attended by 13 
ayil okmotus (village governments), 4 representatives of the Rayon State Administration 
(including Rayon Akim Mr. S. Mambetov), and 5 NGOs. KR presented its experience in fostering 
social partnership at this meeting. 
Internal Capacity Building 
The KR Deputy Manager I. Rachmanova took part in the TOT on Business Planning conducted 
by SBDC Consult on April 9 13 in Cholpon Ata. 
The KR Manager B. Abdieva took part in the training seminar on Developing Marketing Plan 
conducted by the local consulting company Marketing Service Bureau with support of USAID 
and PRAGMA Corporation. She got new skills in ensuring marketing communications, analysis 
of the market situation, vendors and competitors. 



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