job description was finalized. Ms. Narynova took part in the TOT on Business Planning 
conducted by SBDC Consult on April 9 13. 
The Training Coordinator L. Keldibekova took part in the training seminar titled Lobbying Bills 
on Gender Development, conducted by NDI on May 27. The participants discussed current laws 
on gender equalities, met with the Parliament Deputies and NGO representatives involved in 
pushing a gender agenda. 
Community Outreach 
On April 18, The KB Manager K. Abraliev conducted a meeting with refugees in the Pervomay 
Vl. (Panfilov Rayon). The meeting was attended by 22 refugees, representatives of Legal Clinic, 
Swiss Project LARC, and the village government. The issues of citizenship acquisition were 
discussed. The LARC (Legal Assistance to Rural Citizens) staff made presentation of their 
activities and informed participants that they provide legal consultations on land issues at no cost. 
On May 15, KB hosted a roundtable titled Promoting citizenship acquisition by Tajik refugees, 
where 11 refugee leaders participated. They discussed issues of strengthening information 
exchange and coordination between NGOs, and encumbrances in updating the citizenship 
database records. 
KB conducted a meeting of refugees with Mr. M. Sabirov, the Ambassador of the Republic of 
Tajikistan to Kyrgyz Republic, where they discussed issues of obtaining Kyrgyzstani citizenship 
and repatriation. This was a first meeting of refugee NGOs with the Ambassador, who expressed 
willingness to cooperate. 
Within the TACIS IBPP Project, KB selected three pilot villages after consultations with main 
local stakeholders  Ak Bashat, Zaria and Kara Tube. During April  May, KB completed baseline 
studies in all pilot locations as described in the workplan, the baseline study reports were finalized 
in June. 
KB conducted PCA in the villages of Kaldyk and Jayl in April, resulted in prioritizing the 
problems facing these communities, electing an initiative groups, and establishing CAPs. 
On June 19, KB participated in the roundtable Role of NGOs in Social Mobilization, attended by 
41 people, representing 30 NGOs and CBOs, 10 aiyl okmotus (local self governing bodies), and 
the Rayon Administration. The participants discussed the Presidential Decree on Social 
Mobilization issues on April 8. The participants elected a working group, consisting of 7 people 
representing NGOs, CBOs, ayil okmotus and Rayon Administration, to coordinate activities on 
developing social mobilization and intersectoral partnership. 
5.  Kant CSSC (KN) 
Activity Overview 
T. Temirova participated in the Regional Conference entitled Monitoring and Evaluation of 
Development Programs in Central Asia: Who Win? held on April 28 29 in Bishkek by INTRAC 
and InterBilim. The participants representing NGOs from all Central Asian countries shared their 
experience in M&E. 
Mrs. A. Joldosheva, the member of the Stakeholder Committee, took part in the training seminar 
on  Protection Rights of Journalists, held by AED in the mountain resort Kashka Suu near 
Bishkek on June 24 25. During the seminar, participants met the US Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan 
Mr. J. O'Keef. 
Ms. M. Fannett, the Coordinator of Training Program on Women Leadership of MASHAV, 
visited KN on June 25 to familiarize herself with the activities of Alga and KN. She met with the 
staff and introduced them to the MASHAV programs. There was a very interesting discussion 
how to scale up activities towards promoting women leadership in Kyrgyzstan. 
Internal Capacity Building 
In order to develop the staff capacity, KN made a contract with Center for Training and 
Consulting (Bishkek) to conduct a special training program for KN staff. On April 7, the staff 
participated in the seminar on Presentation Skills, on April 11  Strategic Document of an 



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