international agencies and local NGOs shared their feedback and provided recommendations for 
future activities. 
Internal Capacity Building 
On April 14, the Hub Office Senior Program Officer E. Ubysheva and PC C. Akmatova visited 
JA to monitor community outreach program and conduct an audit of the grant files. Based on 
meetings in two target communities, they made recommendations to improve information 
exchange between grantees and JA and procedures of keeping financial records. 
On April 25  May 16, the JA Manager E. Mavlyanova participated in the internship on the theme 
Maintaining Peaceful Dialogue and Preventing Conflicts funded by USAID and administered by 
IREX. The NGO Legacy International based in Virginia hosted her.  
The Coordinator N. Saparbaev took part in the training seminar on Conflict Management held by 
IREX in Osh on June 28. 
JA continues providing training workshops on a cost  sharing and contractual basis  in line with 
the contract with NGO Spravedlivost,  JA conducted two training seminars for staff of 
Spravedlivost and its partners.  
Community Outreach 
On April 29, the JA Grant Manager conducted a meeting with leaders of 5 target communities to 
ensure information exchange. The plans for conducting close out and follow up evaluations were 
also discussed. Since then 4 close out and 13 follow up evaluations have been conducted for 
community projects implemented by the target communities. The next round of follow up 
evaluations was scheduled for September 2003. 
The JA volunteers coordinated an advocacy campaign on re opening the route #15 of public 
transport, which links new residential areas and the downtown. The volunteers collected 546 
signatures on the appeal to the city transport department, the private TV company Echo Manasa 
translated special reels. Resulted from the advocacy activities, the city administration issues a 
decree on re opening the route #15 on April 15.  
4.  Kara Balta CSSC (KB) 
Activity Overview 
The KB staff provided assistance to the Jayl Rayon State Administration in conducting a meeting 
of NGOs with the newly appointed Akim Mr. G. Davidenko held on April 1. Representatives of 
13 NGOs made brief presentations on their activities, outlined problems they face. The 
participants then planned some joint actions with the State Administration.  
Together with INTRAC, KB conducted a meeting of the representatives of target community of 
Kara Tube and the local government on April 4 to discuss concrete actions in establishing 
common understanding and developing partnership between this CBO and the local government.  
KB hosted a roundtable with participation of 37 NGOs of Jayl, Panfilov and Moscow Rayons to 
discuss issues of strengthening contacts within the NGO community. The KB staff made a brief 
presentation of their activities. The participants made a decision to conduct a NGO forum in 
September, and compiled a list of their training needs. 
On May 7, the KB staff assisted Urban Institute in conducting a seminar on budget hearings, 
attended by 20 NGO representatives. On May 15, they took part in the budget hearings in the 
Kara Balta Town administration. 
Internal Capacity Building 
The Hub Office staff conducted 4th OD assessment for KB on April 7 9. During the assessment, 
interviews with NGOs, CBOs, governments, and media were conducted. The assessment resulted 
in revision of the Action Plan on Institutional Capacity Building and Service Delivery, as well as 
in revising the Strategic Plan. 
KB made a decision to hire Ms. Ainagul Narynova s the Field Coordinators for the TACIS IBPP 
Project. She was chosen based on interviews with applicants conducted during the reporting 
period. The contract started on Mid April 2003. The KB staff conducted orientation with her, the 



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