BT consulted more than 150 refugees and new citizens on citizenship grants, and 20 refugees 
were consulted in citizenship obtaining procedures, 8 refugee families received one time 
assistance totaling 8,000 soms. 
On June 11, A. Aikynova took part in the seminar on participation in public hearings held in 
Bishkek by NDI. Next day, she participated in the public hearings on mass media held in the 
Jogorku Kenesh. 
2.  Bishkek CSSC (BS) 
Activity Overview 
BS assisted INTRAC in preparing and conducting the Regional Conference entitled Monitoring 
and Evaluation of Development Programs in Central Asia: Who Win? held on April 28 29 in 
On April 4, Mrs. A. Sasykbaeva, Director of Interbilim, and Ms. E. Voronina, PR Assistant, met 
with representatives of International Alert and discussed activities of NGOs working in the area of 
conflict prevention and resolution, and their cooperation with governments and international 
Internal Capacity Building 
The Hub Office staff conducted 4
 OD assessment for BS on April 13 16. The interviews with 
clients, CD members and staff were conducted. The assessment resulted in revision of the Action 
Plan on Institutional Capacity Building and Service Delivery with emphasis on intensifying 
activities towards ensuring financial sustainability and developing external relations. 
On May 23 31, the BS Manager B. Murataileva took part in the international seminar on 
Fundraising held in Kiev by the Philanthropy Center of Ukraine. The most important was that the 
participants from throughout NIS shared their actual experience in developing effective 
In order to improve information services, the BS staff is updating a list and contact information of 
Bishkek based NGOs and representative offices of international organizations. 
Community Outreach 
On May 16,  B. Murataileva took part in the solemn ceremony devoted to the successful 
completion of the water supply project in the new residential area Archa Beshik 35.  
Close out and follow up evaluations have been conducted for the water supply project in Ak 
Bosogo and the project aimed at renovation of the gravel road in Archa Beshik. Close out 
evaluation was conducted for the gravel road project in Keremet. 
BS took part in the public hearings in Prospective of Gold Mining in Kyrgyzstan  Contribution of 
the Kumtor 1 to the Economy of Kyrgyzstan, held on April 16 in Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament). 
On May 21, BS staff conducted a roundtable devoted to the introduction of amendments to the 
Election Code in the oval hall of Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament). Deputies, representatives of local 
NGOs, international agencies and Central Election Committee (CEC), attended the roundtable. 
B. Muratalieva participated in the roundtable to discuss a new bill on legal basis of lobbying in 
the government institutions. The Deputy Mrs. T. Borombaeva and NDI staff conducted 
discussions on June 18. 
3.  Jalalabad CSSC (JA) 
Activity Overview 
By April 15, JA collected 34 applications of local NGOs, which then were sent to the Soros 
Foundation, and 4 of them were approved for funding within the Soros NGO Support Programme. 
JA conducted a roundtable titled Interaction of Three Sectors through Mass Media on April 18. 
Representatives of state and independent mass media (newspapers and TV companies) along with 
the local officials and civil society discussed ways how mass media can strengthen intersectoral 
The JA Manager took part in the meeting of the Advisory Board of FINCA, where the FINCA 
presented a report on its activities in Jalalabad Oblast. The participants representing mostly 



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