A total of 79 consultations, mainly in project design, organizational development, legal issues, 
and the Healthy Communities program, were delivered by the Support Center.  
April 25
 meeting with representatives of Coordination Council on economic and social 
development of Qostanai was aimed at discussion of the CSSC proposal on complex development 
of the city through conducting of 5 pilot projects.   
In April, the CSSC signed partnership agreements with Urban Institute to help implement its 
programs in the region, and with UNDP to conduct the project Civil Society Organizations 
Capacity Building to Participate in Election to Maslikhat of Qostanai City. 
The CSSC was in close coordination with ZUBR in realization of the project Civil Participation 
in Improvement of the Territory of Kazakhstan, supported by Soros Kazakhstan Fund.  
The CSSC extended its staff members by including new Program Coordinators   Igor Zuev and 
Anna Belous. 
The CSSC assisted Oblast Department of Information in search of sustainable projects to be 
proposed to Ministry of Culture, Information & Public Accord. Gathered grant committee of May 
14 submitted 2 projects out of 9 collected proposals.   
Being trained in TOT Qostanai trainers conducted an NGO & Community seminar in Oskemen 
on May 29 30.  
The CSSC staff participated in the following meetings and events: 
May 21 22, the final contest of the program Innovational Ideas of the World Bank in Bishkek 
(Kyrgyzstan). The grant committee approved the project on creation of local corporate charity 
May 21 23, the Conference Local Self Management in Kazakhstan: situational account and 
perspectives for development, organized by Soros Kazakhstan Fund and Urban Institute. 
Accounting training in Almaty (May 26 31). 
Community Outreach
The CSSC's activity was focused on follow up monitoring & evaluation of the community projects:  
Development of Folk Art (by initiative group of Kazakh repatriates from Mongolia in the public 
organization Oralman) enabled the project's 14 executors to get jobs in a wood processing shop 
and set sustainable social partnership and mass media outreach.  
Children Dairy Kitchen Shop in Auliekol Village and Jobs Placement in Sewing & Shoe Works in 
Borovoi Village revealed the lack of skills in financial management and strategic planning. In this 
connection, the project managers were advised to take part in relevant CSSC trainings.  
7.  Qaraghandy Regional Ecological Center ECOCENTER, Qaraghandy oblast, Qaraghandy 
Internal Capacity Building  
Ordered by Holland HIVOS performance appraisal of ECOCENTER's activity was carried out the 
Russian Company Process Consulting on April 21 May 1.  
The following seminars were organized and conducted during the reporting period: 
April 14 18, Internet training for librarians of Qaraghandy, initiated by Informational Center 
of Soros Kazakhstan Fund.  
May 26 30, Internet training for Children's Home named Nadezhda Krupskyaya. The training 
was financed by IREX through Info Center of Qaraghandy. 
May 2 7, seminars on manual design for ecological education of Eco School.  
ECOCENTER staff participated in the following events:  
April 23 25, the second sub regional consultative meeting Ecological Education for 
Sustainable Development in Central Asia, held in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).  
The Fifth Conference on the Environment in Europe in Kiev (May 21 23) and the following 
seminar on SPARE (Norway) program. 
June 5 roundtable table on radioactive waste issues with the Ministry of Nature Preservation 
and Semey NGO IRIS. 
Seminar training Principles of Partner Project Design, organized by Central Asian Regional 
Eco Center on June 12   14 in Almaty.  



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