April 21   22, Consulting Services Development, organized by Pragma Corporation on April 
21   22.  
April 8
,  New Standards in Tax Reporting, organized by Department of Statistics of East 
April 11
 Conference Financing of Small & Medium Businesses, organized by Pragma 
Corporation in partnership with Akimat of Oskemen.  
April 17
 Municipal Akimat's round table on discussion of legislative draft on State Social 
International conference Local Self Management on Kazakhstan: situational account & 
perspectives for development, organized by Urban Institute, Soros Kazakhstan Fund and 
Moscow Public Scientific Fund on May 21 23. 
Seminar International Standards in Financing Reporting, held in Almaty on May 27 31. 
The Sixth Annual Conference of trainers and consultants Inter Training (June 9 14). 
Dialog Club meetings of local NGOs (June 6) to set a partnership with state bodies under Akimat 
of Oskemen; 
Several training methods were provided to experimental lab Technology for Training Seminar 
Addressed to Mature Audience in the framework of Summer School   Social Process 
Management, financed by the Soros Kazakhstan Fund.  
Analysis of activity of Social Corporate Fund ZUBR was included in the book State Youth Policy 
in East Kazakhstan: background, challenges, decision making (practical recommendations) 
published in April 2003. 
On April 21 22, two focus groups Elections to Oblast Maslikhat were carried out by order of 
Ministry and Oblast Department of Culture, Information and Public Accord.  
On April 24, ZUBR conducted seminar Business Planning in Kokpekty Village for 40 managers 
of youth rural organizations and initiative groups. The seminar was organized in the framework of 
joint project Creation of Info Youth Services by Department of Internal Policy and NGO For 
Future of Kazakhstan.   
The CSSC ZUBR delivered 94 consultations in fundraising, project design and Healthy 
Communities program.  
A training room was organized for the seminar Scouting Introduction, conducted by Scouting 
Movement Organizations of Kazakhstan and Department of Internal Policy on April 26 27.   
Over 20 signatures of local NGOs were collected in the framework of advocacy campaign to 
prevent adoption of the Law On NGOs.   
Effective May, the CSSC launched the project Civil Participation in Improvement of the Territory 
of Kazakhstan in partnership with public fund Decent (Pavlodar) Association of NGOs of 
Qostanai Oblast and Institute for Development of Local Self Management (Petropavlovsk). The 
project is supported by Soros Kazakhstan Fund.  
TOT was conducted by the CSSC ZUBR on May 21 23. 
ZUBR's Board of Trustees met on June 3 and discussed activity results. It is planned to make the 
increase the Board membership to 7 experts and set a strategy for Summer School 2003. 
Community Outreach
The CSSC' staff conducted follow up monitoring & evaluation of community projects:   
Leisure Time Organization & Management for Teens Risky To be Alcohol & Drug Abuse And 
Vagrancy, by Consumers' Cooperative Ellada in Oskemen resulting in the creation of a sport and 
fitness club and computer center that are constantly attended by over 50 young locals.  
Comfort & Safety, by Consumers' Cooperative Lenin 50 in Oskemen mobilized 90% of the 
community dwellers in initiation of new project to repair heating system and install heat meter.  
Hope in Future by socio corporative fund Shyghys ( East ) and Participatory Community Action 
by Consumers' Cooperative Ellada were well organized and under a proper realization.  
6.  Association of NGOs of Qostanai oblast, Qostanai 
Internal Capacity Building  



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