4.  Nuclear Test Victims Union IRIS, East Kazakhstan Oblast, Semey 
Internal Capacity Building  
The CSSC IRIS provided six consultations in project design.  
The roundtable, held by the CSSC, was aimed at discussion of the draft Law On NGOs, and the 
collection of signatures of 20 local NGOs. In addition, a Head of the Support Center made an 
official Appeal to Deputy Minister to include consideration of the given legislative base in 
Regular Council on democratization & civil society development.  
The CSSC informed local NGOs about the Healthy Community program and beginning of its 
second round, and assisted in the design of application letters. In this connection, PCA & CAP 
and Project Design seminars were delivered to the local health NGOs.   
In April, the CSSC conducted Project Design training for employees of Dostoevsky Museum. 
The CSSC staff participated in the following events:  
Grant Committee, organized by UNDP. The Support Center was financed to develop Grant 
Plan on strengthening of NGO projects.  
The seminar International Standards in Financial Reporting, organized by Institute of 
Professional Accountants & Auditors in Almaty. 
May TOT session in Oskemen ZUBR. 
The Support Center met the British International organization Mouchel to discuss the action plan 
for their joint project Sustainable Land Use financed by DFID. In the project's framework, the 
CSSC implements its activity in areas in close proximity to former nuclear testing sites. The 
$20,000 project aims at PCA/PRA research, CBO development and community mobilization 
through participatory design of action plan on sustainable land use in the given counties.  
In May, the CSSC consulted the Association of Youth & Children Organizations in design of the 
project  Creation of Youth Info Center in Oskemen and branch of Kazakhstan Association of 
Young Lawyers in organizational development and health project design.  
IRIS staff assisted Qaraghandy ECOCENTER and International organization Safe Energy Institute 
in conducting of Deep Ecology training. 
Community Outreach
The CSSC staff conducted follow up monitoring & evaluation of community projects:  
Potato Cultivation in the boarding school for sight impaired children in Semey showed its 
sufficient sustainability and beneficial impact on the daily lives of community members.  
Kausar Bulaq (Pure Spring) in Begen Village mobilized its community in cleaning the 
neighborhood, planting it with trees and created local committees for better organized actions.  
Moidodyr (Clean) in orphanage Podrostok of Semey enabled the community to improve sanitary 
and technical base and set cooperation with other regional NGOs.  
Improvement of Sanitary & Living Conditions in the Semey Center for Rehabilitation & 
Adaptation of Minors followed their action plan and working order of all equipment.  
Repairs of School Windows was carried out in Sarzhal Village of Abai County, and showed its 
full completion evidenced by significant improvement of the school conditions, and initiated a 
formation of local public organization Asar.  
Making of Tasty & Healthy Bread in Buras Village is on the way of relocation by NGO Initiative 
Women of Besqaraghai County. 
5.  Social Corporate Fund ZUBR, East Kazakhstan Oblast, Oskemen 
Internal Capacity Building  
In April, the CSSC signed agreement with Department of Translation Theory & Practice of East 
Kazakhstan State University to organize student internships in the Support Center on quarterly 
Basics in NGO Management seminar of April 10 was conducted for leaders of nonprofit 
organizations and initiated by Ministry of Culture, Information and Public Accord in participation 
of Department of Internal Policy of East Kazakhstan.  
The CSSC staff participated in the following seminars and events:  



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