Community Outreach
The CSSC's staff conducted follow up M&E of the following five community projects:  
Sport & Cultural Center  Rodnik  in Uspeno Yur'evka Village of Aqmola Oblast. The 
center was opened, and its initiative group plans to register a NGO.  
Uyut (Comfort) in Moskovsky Village of Aqmola Oblast resulted in building of mini farm 
and rural club that aimed at involvement of local youth in social activity.  
Zhivaya Voda (Life Water) in Atbasar Town resulted in formation of several initiative groups 
among medical workers and teachers who arise public awareness about healthy and social 
active lifestyle in the region.  
Social Center Nadezhda (Hope) in Prigorodny Village operates on full basis for the needs of 
local children and teens.  
Implementation of the project Center for Mutual Aid showed sustainable development of its 
initiative group's activity. 
The CSSC staff participated in a roundtable discussion on May 7 held in the framework of 
community project Creation of Public Center Aidyn, being implemented in Prigorodny Village. 
The event gathered 14 representatives of initative groups of Zarechny, Tonkeris, Prigorodny 
Villages, volunteers of NGOs Nadezhda (Hope), Aidyn, the CSSC ASTRa, Society of Disabled 
Children, and covered volunteerism development issues.  
On May 27 28, the CSSC assisted in organization of NGO volunteerism training, conducted by 
trainers from the NGO Arlan  and Kazakhstan Bureau of Human Rights for 15 NGO 
On April 24, the CSSC staff organized a meeting of the NGO Forum in the framework of the 
national advocacy campaign. 28 local NGOs were informed of initiatives of Joint Platform of 
Civil Society Organizations, and legal expertise concerning law draft On NGOs. All participants 
signed the Statement to prevent adoption of the Law. 
3.  Entrepreneurship Development Agency SMEDA, Aqtobe Oblast, Aqtobe 
Internal Capacity Building  
In April the CSSC expanded its office space and created a separate training room.  
The CSSC continued its technical service delivery on chargeable basis (copy, printing, fax).  
NGO Forum was held in the CSSC SMEDA and gathered 13 local non governmental 
Olga Nazarova, an Independent Evaluation Expert, conducted assessment of the CSSC SMEDA 
and meetings with the Center's constituency, clients and former members.  
Action plan on capacity building and service delivery development was designed in May.  
Community Outreach
The CSSC' activity was focused on participatory M&E of the community projects and advocacy 
strengthening. PM&E activities were conducted with the following:  
Overhaul of Water Pipes in buildings of Consumers' Cooperative Mukomol 26 of Aqtobe was 
successfully completed in resulted in improvement of living conditions in the community.  
Planting the Neighborhood with Trees in Aqtobe mobilized the community in additional 
actions and strengthened social partnership.  
Building of 8 Play & Sport Grounds in the neighborhood of Consumers' Cooperative 
Sel'mash of Aqtobe resulted in design of the project Creation of  Grand Sport Complex 
submitted to local Akimat.  
Building of Drinking Water Storage by NGO Kamkorshy  in Shubarkuduk Village of Temir 
County showed impact by social partnership development with local authorities. 
In connection to legislation draft On NGOs, the CSSC SMEDA organized NGO Forum to 
publicize its critical view about the Law that needs to be prevented from adoption by the 
Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 13 local NGOs signed the relevant Statement.    



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