Creation & Development of Organization of Relatives having In Patients (by NGO Asar 
Service) enabled 20 people to get job and the NGO to set social partnership with municipal 
Making of Souvenir Ceramics by members of Nadezhda Community (managed by NGO City 
Center for Women Initiative) is under full operation and cooperation with the municipal 
artisan department.  
Building of 15 meters depths Well in the community Azamat (by NGO Nesip) mobilized 
neighboring communities including 42 families. 
In April, ZHALGHAS Program Coordinator assisted representatives of Baspana in designing of 
partner project that raised $20,000 in the framework of the World Bank's program for 
innovational ideas.  
In April May, ZHALGHAS Program Assistant informed local nonprofit social organizations 
about the activity of the NGO Forum on Law draft On NGOs. The Forum was held on April 23 
and initiated collection of signatures to prevent adoption of given law by the Parliament of the 
Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, informational support to the campaign was provided via web 
2.  Agency for Social Technologies & Development (ASTRa), Aqmola Oblast, Astana 
Internal Capacity Building  
In April the CSSC designed Action plan on Healthy Community program (for April   June 2003) 
and work plan in further activity with INTRAC and UNDP.  
Designed project proposal M&E Promotion was granted $7,895 by the Eurasia Foundation. The 
project Conducting Information Fairs of NGOs in Astana was granted by the World Bank.   
On April 15, the CSSC staff met Elena Gaetskaya (IREX) to discuss further cooperation in 
Internet access in the ASTRa resource center.  
A regular meeting of Board of Directors of ASTRa was held on April 19 to discuss interaction 
between members of the Board and share the report on the Center's activity for January April.  
The CSSC staff met with a journalist from the local newspaper Oko and agreed to publicize future 
NGO events.  
Two focus groups were held to research service delivery to the newly opened and developed 
NGOs in the region. 38 NGOs were included in the CSSC database.  
301 visits were registered in the Center.  
ASTRa assisted Exxon Mobil Company in the search of a public organization that will conduct 
charitable campaigns for vulnerable people.   
The CSSC staff participated in the following seminars and gatherings: 
State Support of NGO Development for 2003   2005, organized by Academy under State 
Service of the President of Kazakhstan.  
NGO Info center's meeting of April 9.  
April 16 press conference Perspectives for Astana NGO Development, organized by 
Department of Information & Public Accord.  
Conference  Monitoring & Evaluation of Development Programs in Central Asia held by 
INTRAC/Interbilim on April 28 29 in Bishkek.  
Accounting training held by Counterpart Kazakhstan in Almaty on May 27 31.  
May 7 of Consultative Council under the Authority on Human Rights in Kazakhstan.   
May 16 the World Bank's roundtable for NGO working in poverty reduction programs, and in 
Round table Legislative Regulation of NGO Interaction and State Bodies.   
May 23
 International Scientific Conference Interaction of the State and Human Rights 
On April 24, ASTRa organized NGO Forum that gathered 31 representatives of local NGOs and 
mass media.  
June 12 13, the CSSC Director and Manager conducted training in Project M&E, financed by 
Eurasia Foundation for 20 officials of the State Agency Temir Zholy and Department of Labor, 
and Employment and Peoples Social Protection.   



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