1.  ZHALGHAS Counterpart, Almaty Oblast, Almaty 
Internal Capacity Building  
On April 3, ZHALGHAS Program Coordinator jointly with the Regional Training Coordinator and 
Senior Program Officer took part in a meeting to update the training modules. 
The Program Assistant compiled materials on Fairs of Social Projects for inclusion in relevant 
project proposals to TACIS. 
Program staff helped conduct the informational advocacy campaign for the NGO Forum. 
Program staff designed presentation materials on ZHALGHAS' activity during the Phase III.  
The CSSC Program Coordinator assisted the Community Outreach Coordinator in conducting 
comprehensive research on the Community Outreach program's impact on civil society 
development in Kazakhstan. 
The Program Coordinator met with volunteers from the US Peace Corps and the leader of the 
NGO Avara (Turkmenistan) and discussed the CSSC s activity with volunteerism.  
The Program Coordinator assisted in the development of a $20,000 project proposal (by NGO 
Baspana) that was submitted to the World Bank's grant committee on May 21.  
The CSSC Director participated in design of a project on Managing Ethnic Diversity and Ethno 
Tourism Development.  
The CSSC took part in implementation of the Healthy Communities Program (collection of 
applications and letters of interest, consulting in the program's issues, organization of PCA 
training, and conducting monitoring & evaluation). 
In the framework of the CSSC's sustainable development, agreements were signed to deliver 
trainings ordered with NGO Baspana and the resource centers of Kzyl Orda NGOs, Peace Corps 
and ACCELS.  
68 consultations in project design, legal issues and the Healthy Community program were 
provided by the CSSC. 
Galym Zhukupbayev, Program Coordinator left the CSSC in June and his duties were reassigned 
to Aziza Imangaliva, Program Assistant. Askar Kaliev, former volunteer, was appointed to 
Program Assistant. 
On June 3, the CSSC provided its training room to the public organization Association of 
Disabled Women Shyraq for the seminar Objectives of the Crisis Center against Violence.  
On June 6, the INTRAC donor meeting was held in the CSSC's training room. 
On June 9 13 the CSSC organized its training room for computer classes initiated by IREX.  
Community Outreach
The CSSC's activity focused on information support to the national advocacy campaign.  
Follow up evaluations targeted the following community projects: 
The project Heating System Building in the Community Hostel Zhas Kanat, managed by the 
public organization Baspana, was evaluated, and revealed the need to create a local 
Consumers Cooperative.  
Building of Children' & Teens' Sport Complex (by Baspana)  is under full operation and 
resulted in creation of two initiative groups in neighboring community. 
Water Supply in Bes Aghash, implemented (by Baspana), resulted in building additional 
100m of road and 2,300m of pipe, enabled 100 households to have access to water.  
Water Supply (by NGO Salauat) showed sustainable social partnership of the community and 
state bodies.  
Processing of Agro Products of Incubator Community (by Union of Rural Women of Talghar 
County) is under full operation due to installment of grain processing equipment and 
improves living conditions of locals, involved in the project.  
Major Repairs of Irrigation Canal (by Union of Rural Women of Talghar County) provides 
with water over 111 hectares of apple garden.  



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