The database of Uzbekistan NGOs was updated, with non functioning initiative groups removed and 
new NGOs added. As of June 30 716 NGOs and initiative groups were listed in the database. The 
updated database information was shared with a number of international organizations at their request 
(Eurasian Foundation, UNDP, World Bank, USAID, etc.). 
Network Development/Information 
CSSC and target NGOs were regularly provided with information about new grant programs of 
International Organizations, fellowships and upcoming events. The list of International Organizations 
located in Uzbekistan as well as potential donors for NGOs from abroad was updated and distributed 
to CSSCs and NGOs. This list includes 101 organizations with contact data and brief descriptions of 
their activity. 
Network Development 
In May 16 17 a Network meeting was conducted. All the CSSC as well as the localized Hub 
presented their recent activity and their vision of the Network in the future. Opportunities and threats 
for the Network after July 1 have been defined. The Network began preparing all the necessary 
documents for Network registration. The network of seven CSSCs, excluding the Hub, voted to accept 
the localized Hub as a member of the Network, but due to absence some of the members, the final 
decision was postponed to the next meeting. The Network members elected the Director of 
Samarkand Center as the coordinator of the Network until the next meeting. The Coordinator is 
expected to be responsible for preparing the agenda and developing the first draft of the Regulations 
of the Network and Board of Directors of the Network. 
On June 26 a Director's meeting was held in Samarkand and participants agreed to the following: 
To prepare, for approval, official protocol for Network and Directors meetings.  
To include the localized Hub, Hamroh, as a member of the Network. 
To accept drafts of the document on the Network and Board of Directors with additions and 
To assign the chairman of the Board of Directors with the final responsibility to prepare the 
Coordinating Center Regulations of the Network. 
To approve Tanzilya Salimdjanova, Director of Samarkand CSSC, as the Network Chairman. 



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