The mini training on planning and time management for Hub and CSSCs program staff was 
organized in cooperation with Ashgabat CSSC Program Coordinator. 
The OD Coordinator and Financial Manager of Counterpart Turkmenistan conducted an internal 
audit of the Lebap and Dashoguz CSSCs and provided reports and feedback to the CSSCs.  
The financial department conducted an internal audit of Counterpart Turkmenistan. The audit 
included meetings with staff, review of financial documents, an inventory of equipment, and 
monitoring of cash operation and management. The results of the audit were prepared in a report 
submitted to the Country Director.  
The Hub helped the CSSCs update staff job descriptions. 
Community Outreach 
An electronic database of technical experts was created and is being used by the Lebap, Ashgabat 
and Dashoguz CSSCs. The information on the technical experts will be a great resource in 
analyzing technically complicated community projects. 
In term of building CSSCs skills in conducting outreach activities the formats for conducting 
activities such as roundtables was adapted. As a result in the Dashoguz and Ashgabat CSSCs 
social partnership roundtables were conducted.  
Through direct consultations on volunteer management/recruitment issues the CSSCs maintain a 
database of volunteers.  
Twenty CAG projects were monitored in the Dashoguz, Lebap, and Akhal velayats. Two CAGs 
in Akdepe, Dashoguz and Bash Saka, Lebap were not finished, but the communities committed to 
complete them.  
Network Development 
The vision of the Counterpart Turkmenistan network was revised this past quarter. The most 
appropriate networking models and mechanisms were reviewed again and are being considered in the 
context of future work. All three CSSCs will continue to work as a Counterpart branches and other 
local organizations having legal status will be assessed as a potential partners.  
Activity Overview 
April 11, 2002   NGO Khamroh composed of almost whole Hub office staff was registered in the 
Ministry of Justice. During the quarter Hamroh developed project proposals to different foundations 
to provide organizational sustainability. 
Training Activity 
On April 29 30 advanced training on Membership Development was conducted for 7 CSSC 
Coordinators, 2 Hub office representatives and 6 contract trainers. 
In June two Hub office representatives participated in the TOT on Conduction of Civic Forums 
organized by Soros Foundation. 
On June 27 30 two CSSC Coordinators, 7 contract trainers and Hub office Health Coordinator 
participated in the regional training on Network Development in Almaty. 
A new contract format with trainers was developed and signed for three months. 
The Bulletin Initiative 
As a hard copy and an electronic variant, 3 issues of the bulletin Initiative were published for April 
June in Russian and Uzbek (4/54, 5/55, 6/56) and one issue in English for Spring 2003. The 
circulation numbers include 600 Russian copies, 300 Uzbek copies, and 200 English copies. All issues 
of the bulletins were placed on CANGO.NET in English at
 and in 
Russian at
. The published bulletins were mailed to 155 addresses. The 
mailing list for the bulletin in an electronic format increased to 232 addresses. The remaining copies 
were distributed through the CSSCs during the visits, consultations, seminars, and conferences. 



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