The workshop on Lessons Learned was organized on May 26 for CSSCs and Hub program staff to 
discuss PCA, Participatory M&E, and local grant committees procedures and rules. The preliminary 
results were prepared and distributed for program staff to analyze, discuss and supplement. 12 
community representatives from Dashoguz, Lebap, Akhal velayats and 10 CSSCs and Hub office staff 
were invited to participate.  
Analysis of program implementation from April June revealed the following priority areas for future 
work:  On the job training for CSSCs; feedback on reporting and current work; improved method of 
communication with CSSCs; timely follow up on case management meetings; increased capacity of 
CSSCs in management; using different tools in financial control; follow up on recommendations 
developed during the PCA lessons learned; and increased training capacity of CSSCs.  
The AED/Start funded Volunteer Forum was conducted from May 2 4. 50 representatives of 
government, commercial, NGO, and initiative groups from all over Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, 
Ukraine, and international organizations participated. After the Forum a Volunteer Resource book 
was published with information from the Gurt RC, volunteer forum material, Slabjanin book, and 
Counterpart's work on volunteer development. This book was distributed to Turkmenistan 
participants of the Forum and to the CSSCs. Two follow up meetings on volunteerism were conducted 
in the Ashgabat CSSC and the Turkmenbashi Resource Center.  
Staff Development 
Natalya Semenova started to work as a Dashoguz CSSC Manager on June 10.  
The contract with Lebap CSSC Manager was terminated in the end of June.  
The Country Director, Program Manager and Financial Manager participated in the regional 
training Leadership and Management in Almaty from June 2 6.  
The OD Coordinator, and Dashoguz CSSC Program Coordinator participated in the Regional 
Training on Community Network Development held in Almaty June 27 30. 
The Country Director participated in the regional INTRAC conference  Who Benefits: the 
Monitoring and Evaluation of Fevelopment Programs in Central Asia  on April 28 29 in Bishkek.  
The Ashgabat CSSC Program Coordinator participated in the  Training for Trainers  seminar 
held in Almaty on June 16 22. 
The OD Coordinator attended the Counterpart training  Facilitation Skill Development . 
Training Activity 
15 trainings for 236 people from 157 NGOs were conducted. Out of 15 trainings 7 were 
conducted in Lebap and Dashoguz velayats, and 2 were conducted in Turkmenbashy city.  
The package of documents on training needs assessment, which consists of guidelines, report 
form, samples of questionnaire was developed and introduced to the CSSCs.  
Three training modules   Facilitation Skills Development, Social Partnership, Fundraising   were 
translated into Turkmen language. A training in Membership Development was conducted for the 
first time for contract trainers from all velayats, the Hub and CSSC staff.  
Two TARFs were submitted to AED Start Project   one to conduct a seminar on Social 
Partnership in Akhal velayt and one for four NGOs to send representatives to a Media Training in 
Ekaterinburg. Three TARFs on Community Network Development, Participatory Monitoring and 
Evaluation, and Public Relations were developed and sent to the regional office.  
Organizational Development 
The OD Coordinator analyzed the organizational development of the CSSCs. Lessons learned and 
recommendations were discussed at the network meeting and taken into consideration in the 
action plans for the Hub and CSSCs for April June.  
OD plans for Lebap, Dashoguz and Ashgabat CSSCs for extension period were developed in 
cooperation with the Hub.  
The OD Coordinator assisted to Resource Center in Turkmenbashi to develop its activity plan for 
the extension period of April June. 



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