Network Development 
In April 14 16 a three day Network Meeting was held in the Hub Office with participation of 3 
program people from each CSSC and all staff of the Hub. The agenda of the meeting was developed 
in accordance with needs and recommendations suggested by the network members. Some items 
covered include M&E, grants, community outreach, training, the registration of Counterpart Hamkori, 
and the expansion of the network to include a CSSC in Rasht valley. All CSSCs approved the idea 
and suggested including CSSC staff in the group of the researchers travelling to Garm to set up the 
CSSC. The program coordinators were well prepared for their sessions. Brain Ring was one of the 
new initiatives suggested by Hub program staff. It was suggested in the form of the game and at the 
same time it was an opportunity to assess the knowledge of the network on the program, financial 
requirements, management, etc. CSSCs proved to be strong enough to answer almost all questions. 
The game was very absorbing and CSSCs enjoyed it very much. The Dushanbe Center turned out to 
be the strongest theoretically and was awarded a certificate of appreciation. There was a wish from the 
Centers to replicate this initiative in future meetings. 
In the middle of June Counterpart Tajikistan held its last network meeting within Phase III. In the 
introductory part the country director informed the participants about the recent situation, strategy 
after July 1 and prospective future of the Association. Network members shared their confidence 
about joint work within Association. Then discussed program issues related to other ongoing projects. 
At the end of the first day three CSSCs presented video films devoted to Social Partnership, 
Community Mobilization and Volunteer Development. The second day of the meeting was devoted to 
strategic planning for Association of CSSCs. Network members discussed strengths and weaknesses, 
conducted stakeholder analysis, and identified directions for future action. After the meeting 
participants traveled outside of Dushanbe to celebrate the successful accomplishment of the 
Community Outreach Program. Network members have been awarded certificates if 
acknowledgement and presented T shirts with the Counterpart logo. 
CSSC Association Development was determined as one of the crucial strategies of the network. The 
issue has been discussed and coordinated with network members through e mail to get the opinion of 
the network about the acceptability of the idea. CSSCs have confirmed that the network is mature 
enough to formalize the relationship. In the meeting we had opportunity to discuss advantages and 
disadvantages of the Association. All agreed that Association would promote sustainability of the 
network, expansion of the range of services, diversification of funding sources, protection of 
members' rights and support for grassroots members (Penjikent and Garm CSSCs). It's been decided 
to establish internal Board of Directors including all CSSC Managers, to elect a Chairman of Board of 
Directors. The network members have discussed many issues related to Governing body and the 
structure of the association. They were assigned to promote the development of the charter. CT was 
obliged to hire a lawyer to make it in compliance with Tajik law. As a result of long term 
coordination with CSSCs on the contents of the charter, collection of all appropriate documents from 
all network members, we have submitted the package of documents to the Ministry of Justice for the 
registration of the National Association of CSSC. The registration has been certified by June  28, 
Activity Overview 
The Hub office provided assistance to Resource Center under  Diller Dynyasi  in Turkmenbashy city 
to conduct several activities for NGOs and initiative groups such as discussion meetings, and 
providing access to information. Two meetings for Turkmenbashi NGOs and initiative groups on 
volunteer development were organized by the Hub. They also organized Volunteers Management and 
Using of Information Resources of Internet trainings in accordance with local NGO requests. Internet, 
fax, e mail, copy machine, two computers are available for NGOs through Resource Center.  



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