On June 11 13, the Hub Office conducted an Association meeting, the agenda included such items as 
sharing lessons learned during the implementation of the Program Of Civil Society And NGO 
Development, discussing achievements and gaps, approving the Association's Strategic Plan, 
admission of a new member  FTI (Bishkek), and approving internal procedures on managing crisis 
situation. The best practices, challenges and lessons learned of the implementation of the programs 
such as community mobilization, organizational development, training and grant program was 
discussed and recommendations were developed. The Country Director Erkin Kasybekov provided a 
session on simultaneous management of different projects. Several project ideas in the framework of 
NPRS and CDF were developed, for example, involvement of community members to the 
implementation of poverty reduction strategies through social mobilization. 
The Hub Office has been assisting the CSSC Association to prepare and submit application to 
ABA/CEELI. The goal of the 12 month project, which was sent to ABA/CEELI for comments, is to 
build capacities of CSSCs of Batken, Kerben, Jalalabad, Osh and Nookat to provide legal services to 
local NGOs, inclusive of training, consultations, information support aimed at building advocacy 
capacities of local civil society organizations. This is to be achieved through the placing a lawyer in 
each CSSCs, which will be responsible for delivering legal services and representing interests of 
appealed citizens, NGOs and CBOs. The project will increase skills of local NGOs and CBOs to 
advocate on behalf of their clientele. 
Security Situation 
In general, the security situation in the country remained quite stable and calm. 
Staff Development 
June 2 6 the Country Director, Financial Officer and M&E specialist participated in the regional 
workshop on Leadership and Management. The workshop was very useful for gaining knowledge and 
skills in management, practice exercises and exchange experiences. The workshop material was 
focused more on business related management. Participants compared similarities and differences in 
the approaches and discussed advantages and disadvantages of the methods and approaches 
May 26 30 the Community Outreach Program Coordinator and Khujand CSSC Director attended the 
follow up workshop in Almaty on Community Networking. The goal of the workshop was to enhance 
knowledge and improve skills in community development based on the concept of social capital. 
In April the Training Coordinator attended an AED organized training session for partner agencies to 
get acquainted with AED's training program requirements. AED also provided consulting on their 
training assistance request form and the process for submitting formal training requests. 
In June Counterpart organized a strategic planning workshop for CSSC Network Members. The 
workshop was facilitated by Andrea Burnisske, Chief of the Party for Women Empowerment Project. 
Network members were given special instruments to make SWOT analyses. The workshop proved to 
be a preparatory stage for strategic plan development. 
Training Activity 
The extension period provided a good opportunity for the CSSC network to fulfill indicators on basic 
and advanced training.  For that additional funds were allocated to CSSCs to cover any gaps in their 
training program. By June 30 all the CSSCs accomplished their training program targets. 
The Hub was requested by CARE to develop a module on Referendum issues. The idea was to train 
beneficiaries, Federations of Women Groups on the concept of a Referendum, explain the procedures, 



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