1. Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the program's impact on civil society development 
The results of complex research and evaluation of impacts from the Community Outreach Program 
were processed by the CO Program Coordinator in coordination with the CSSCs. A questionnaire was 
administered to Support Centers and covered 104 public organizations (including 34 NGOs 
implementing community projects) in Almaty, Aqtobe, Aqmola, East Kazakhstan, Qaraghandy and 
Qostanai. A more complete report of findings will be presented in the final report, but some key 
findings include: 
61% apply PCA methods on constant or frequent bases.  
63% of respondents noted they have regular cooperation with state bodies during community 
project implementation, 20% pointed out long term relationships with government, and 17% 
stated that cooperation was sporadic.  
2. Assisting CSSCs in organizing program activities through consultations, site visits, and meetings 
From April 28 30 the Hub conducted a site visit to monitor program activities of the Qaraghandy 
ECOCENTER CSSC and to evaluate its community projects on participatory basis. With Hub support, 
the CSSC conducted PCA exercises in Temirtau Town and Dubovka Village:  
Women's Club Friends by Women Initiatives of 21
 century: this project is being implemented 
according to the action plan and schedule, and is showing positive results in volunteerism, social 
partnership with local akimat, and media outreach. As a result of the project, 80 women   victims 
of domestic violence   were provided with psychological and legal assistance.  
Our Home by the initiative group of Dubovka Village: the project is implemented according to 
the action plan and schedule, the social center is established to set a basis for self management in 
solving ongoing social problems in the community. The project enabled locals to establish a 
public organization Enthusiast.  
On May 5, the Hub evaluated the community project Strengthening & Development of Resource 
Center. Site visits included meetings with local community dwellers, schoolteachers, NGO 
representatives and state officials amd revealed successful implementation of the project. Objectives, 
focused on the development of Resource Center's capacity to share the scientific methodical base 
with rural schools, are fully achieved. During project implementation, the Center was repaired and 
provided with office equipment that resulted in technical and logistical improvements in five local 
schools. 30 directors and teachers of indigent schools of Aqtoghai County have improved their 
qualifications through seminars, provided in the Center. In terms of social partnership, the oblast 
department of education and of Balkhash Town provided the Resource Center with 5 additional 
computers and communication needs, including Internet access. 
3. CSSCs' capacity strengthening in community network development. 
Kazakhstan list of selected participants in the regional training Community Network Development 
included Community Outreach Coordinator and three representatives from regional rural NGOs. The 
training, held in the Almaly Sanatorium (Almaty, June 27 30), covered economic and social issues, 
the concept of social/cultural capital, action plan design concerning community network building. 
Network Development 
The Regular CSSC quarterly meeting was held on May 13 14 in Zhalghas Counterpart's office, and 
will covered the following issues: 
Organizational development;
The network's ethics design; 
Standards of service quality; 
Corporate philanthropy;
The network project development;
Healthy Communities Program activity;
Community outreach program;
The CSSCs' presentation on Board of Directors and development of membership organizations; 
Public campaign on Law On NGOs. 



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