Training Activity 
In early May the Hub monitored the training program of the Qaraghandy ECOCENTER by: 1) 
meeting with staff, local trainers, and other NGO members; 2) conducting a participatory appraisal of 
program needs; and 3) analyzing relevant documents. The CSSC can deliver training in the 16 basic 
modules and is the only training provider in the region. Further the CSSC is the only provider of 
Kazakh language training and has already translated the Project Design and PCA modules into 
Kazakh. Training in Kazakh is badly needed in other areas such as Semey, Aqtobe and Almaty.  
The Hub selected 25 NGO members to participate in an AED/START training on Corporate 
Philanthropy at the end of August. Despite the distribution of a questionnaire to over 200 NGOs 
throughout the country, Counterpart received only 44 applications.  
The Hub selected three NGO representatives   The Qostanai CSSC Program Coordinator, the YISK 
Marketing Manager, and Galina Meyermanova the Project Coordinator of the Women Association 
Moldir  to participate in the regional training on Marketing of NGO Services July 7 11 in Tashkent.  
The Country Director, Senior Program Officer, and Financial Manager took part in the regional 
seminar Management & Leadership delivered by trainers from Leader in Almaty from June 2 6. As a 
result, participants understand the concepts of management & leadership, corporate culture, effective 
management, strategic and operational management, and human resource policy.  
May 20 24, the Accounting Department and Grant Manager participated in a seminar on International 
Standards of Financial Reporting, organized by Counterpart. The seminar participants were certified 
and gained skills in counting of financial activity according to 39 international standards. 
Organizational Development 
The reporting period included series of staff meetings on the organizational Strategic planning, Action 
Plan achievements, overview of the program activities, and group consideration of newly announced 
Request For Application (RFA) designed by USAID.  
The OD Program Coordinator visited the Qostanai CSSC from May 22 24 to provide consulting in 
membership development and building an effective governing body. The PC met with the CSSC's 
partner NGOs Nadezhda, Center for Development of Small & Medium Towns of Kazakhstan, 
Pomosh', and the Association of Consumers' Cooperatives. 
At the April Case Management meeting, the country staff (Country Director, Senior Program Officer, 
Grant Manager, OD Program Coordinator, Community Outreach Coordinator, Training Coordinator, 
and Regional OD Coordinator) analyzed final performance data on organizational and institutional 
developments of all partner NGOs, and discussed prospects and challenges for CSSC Network 
development, including a discussion of criteria and partner selection for the next phase of 
Counterpart's program. 
Community Outreach 
During the reporting period, Counterpart Kazakhstan implemented the following tasks within the 
framework of Community Outreach program development:  
1.  Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the program's impact on civil society development;  
2.  Assisting CSSCs in organizing program activities through consultations, site visits, and quarterly 
3.  CSSC capacity strengthening in community network development.   



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