Community Outreach 
Community Outreach program implementation during the extension period was carried out in 
accordance with the regional and country program plans. The main focus was on adapting the M&E 
system for the Community Outreach to country contexts. It has been a valuable exercise to analyze the 
lessons learned for future programmatic activities by both the Hub and CSSCs. The participatory 
approach of M&E in community projects has enabled staff to convey this expertise directly to project 
beneficiaries, especially in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.  
The regional Community Network training has been another big event for the program. It was held on 
June 27 30 with participation of Community Outreach country and regional program coordinators, the 
regional training program coordinator, CSSCs program staff and community initiative group leaders. 
The trainers were from the Rural Community Network in Belfast, Northern Ireland and were the 
trainers of the previous training in Community Network Development in Samarkand in November 
2002. The follow up training gathered practitioners directly involved in establishing networks 
throughout the region. Beyond their knowledge of social capital and mechanisms for community 
networking, the trainers challenged participants to think of alternate solutions to problems. The 
training participants came up with realistic plans of activity for developing community networks.  
Advocacy was carried out in Kyrgyzstan by promoting of NGOs' interests throughout the country 
where the CSSCs actively participated in public hearings.  
In Kazakhstan the CSSCs were actively involved in organizing forums on the Law on NGOs to be 
passed by state. At Counterpart Kazakhstan's initiative NGOs throughout the country signed a 
petition appealing to parliament to revise and amend this law. An informational support of this 
campaign was organized through Internet and media sources.  
In Uzbekistan local advocacy campaigns were held successfully in Bukhara to save the cultural 
and historical heritage of this ancient city, and in Navoyi Oblast to protect residents from 
In Tajikistan Advocacy activities focused on trafficking and early marriage problems. Several 
intersectoral roundtables were held to inform government of the need to change legislation. 
One of remarkable events this past quarter was the Volunteer Forum held in Turkmenistan in May. 
The forum brought together 50 participants representing all three sectors and international 
organizations operating in the country and introduced the Resource Book on Development of 
Volunteerism. This resource is recommended for successful promotion of volunteerism in the region. 
Monitoring and Evaluation  
Activity Overview and Major Achievements in M&E Program 
From April to June, Counterpart continued the ongoing process of conducting field evaluations for 
community projects (CAGs) and entering data into Regional CAG MIS. The Country M&E 
coordinators, along with the CSSCs, developed M&E plans for projects to be evaluated during the 
extension period April June. The planned numbers for project close out and follow up evaluations 
were submitted to Regional M&E Coordinator in April. According to these plans and given numbers, 
at the end of June 2003 the Regional CAG MIS has been containing project close out evaluation data 
for 216 projects (from the project pool of 348 CAGs, plus MIPs in UZ), and project follow up 
evaluation data for 142 projects: 
reports  KZ KG TJ TM UZ 
Close Out Evaluation Reports 
Follow Up 
reports 36 43  7  31 25 
These numbers reflect the substantial scope of work performed by CSSCs in conducting participatory 
field evaluations of community based projects. From MIS data observation, it could be concluded that 
almost all the projects, evaluated by close out evaluation, had achieved their objectives:  



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