Regional Overview 
Training Activities  
The major training event in this quarter was a regional follow up training workshop in Developing 
Community Networks. Tom Kiernan, Program Manager for the Rural Community Network and 
Sonya Murray, Director for the Triskele Community Training and Development presented the 
Northern Ireland experience and approaches in the area of developing networks. The training activity 
aimed at enhancing participants' knowledge, skills and understanding of network development and 
introducing the concept of `social capital'. Participants were exposed to a number of effective 
community networks operating in Northern Ireland and established for economic and social 
Training participants included Community Outreach Program Coordinators, representatives of 
Support Centers and communities involved in developing community networks. In the course of the 
training participants were introduced to a wider range of strategies for initiating and developing 
community networks. The participants exchanged their experiences of developing community 
networks in the context of Central Asia and concluded by drafting Action Plans. Those Action Plans 
indicated how the participants would adapt and implement mechanisms and tools for maintaining 
effective networks in their countries.  
During this quarter the regional office began developing a new Training Plan for 2003 2004. All Hub 
and Support Centers were involved in preparing requests for supplementary funding through the 
AED START Program to support additional trainings. The Regional Office provided assistance in the 
design of Training Activity Request Forms in accordance with the regional and country specific 
program priorities. Altogether 36 TARFs were submitted from Counterpart to USAID and AED for 
Organizational Development 
During the quarter, Counterpart continued to focus on strengthening the capacity of the Hub centers. 
In June, a training workshop in Leadership and Management was conducted by the Russian agency 
Leader. Country Directors, Program Managers and Financial Managers from all five country offices 
and Regional Program Coordinators participated in this training which covered: 
Efficient management and its importance for the organizational effectiveness; 
Similarities and differences between the concepts of leadership and management; 
Key roles and functions of manager in an organization; 
The concept of corporate culture; 
Leadership and management skills; 
The concepts and differences between strategic and operational management; 
The concept of managerial technologies; 
Types of management decisions and the differences among decision making technologies; and  
Personnel recruitment and hiring systems.  
Using information from the Country Directors meeting, the Regional office developed a draft set of 
criteria and indicators to assess CSSC performance. The purpose of the assessment is to identify 
partners for the new CSSI program of Counterpart. The proposed time horizon for gathering 
information is for the period of January 2001 June 2003. This will enable us to fully utilize our 
existing MIS/database and will be also helpful for defining further dynamics of organizational 
performance.  The performance indicators and criteria will be used for future periodic assessments 
and subsequent capacity development plans. All these components will form a Performance based 
Organizational Capacity Development approach, the main theme of CSSI program. 



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